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The decade is almost at its end, and soon it'll be the '20s. Hopefully they'll be regular '20s and not roaring '20s, because all that roaring did not turn out to be a good omen for the '30s and '40s last time. Let's try to have a meowing '20s, maybe, or a purring '20s.

Unfortunately, we can't predict how the next arbitrary 10-year period will go, roaring or otherwise, but we can recap the latest in PC gaming as the year winds down. Here's what happened this week:

Netflix's Witcher show kicks ass, it turns out

We were skeptical that Henry Cavill could pull off a great Geralt, but he does. Reviews are mixed across the web, but three PC Gamer staffers have been greatly enjoying Netflix's pulpy, gruesome magical adventures. In related news, Cavill just wants to stay home and play games.

The Steam Winter Sale 2019 has begun

You probably didn't need to be told this, but on account of it being late December, games are cheaper than usual on Steam.

There are "seven or eight" Dungeons & Dragons videogames in the works

That's a lot of D&D. If you missed it last week, check out the wonderfully ridiculous GoPro-style trailer for one such D&D game, Dark Alliance, below. If nothing else, I guarantee you'll have an opinion on it.

Delayed in 2019: the games that didn't come out this year, and why

It's been a great year for PC games, but not everything we expected to be playing before January made it here in time for the decade's end. Here are the games that got punted into 2020, and why we're looking forward to them.

Sony’s new $30 DualShock 4 attachment adds back buttons and an OLED display

A weird-looking attachment for Sony's controller adds back buttons like you can find on the Microsoft's Xbox Elite, as well as a screen that displays button assignments and a 3.5mm headset pass-through port.

This Cyberpunk 2077 Minecraft city is a blocky masterpiece

People are still making Minecraft worlds that impress us—take a tour of this Cyberpunk 2077-inspired blocktropolis in the video below.

More things we wrote

Around the office

We've been hard at work wrapping up both the year and the decade, with much of the focus this week on the start of our 2019 Game Awards. We're posting new awards every day until we're all out of accolades, and so far we've given the thumbs up to Sea of Thieves (Best Ongoing Game) and Resident Evil 2 (Best Remake). Stay tuned for our 2019 Game of The Year Award, coming December 31.

In completely unrelated news, if you've been wondering what the hell has been going on in Fallout 76, and the gif below doesn't quite explain it for you, Chris has the details on its players' latest antics.

We've posted tons of great features over the past week (just give the homepage a scroll down to find them), but I'll just highlight one more: The making of TIE Fighter: How being the bad guys changed Star Wars forever. It's a fascinating dive into the history of one of the most important Star Wars games ever made.

We'll be around next week in a limited capacity as we feast on various seasonal foods and fix our relatives' PCs, and then we'll be back in full force in the new year. If you're still looking for last minute gifts, check out our holiday gift guide and our list of the best holiday deals for PC gaming.

Have a great holiday, whichever one it is you celebrate. And if you don't celebrate any of them, have a great week in December.

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