Want more Fortnite Star Wars skins? By god, you're getting 'em

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Three days. Just three more days until The Rise of Skywalker and then we never have to think about Star Wars again, right? A fool can hope, but he can also buy another Star Wars skin in Fortnite to tide him over, according to a new leak.

Longtime Fortnite data miner HypeX on Twitter leaked the a Kylo Ren Fortnite skin back on December 14. So, whoops. Anyway, here it is in all its broody dark side glory.

Credit: HypeX on Twitter (Image credit: Epic Games)

It looks like that's definitely the version of Kylo we see in all the trailers for The Rise of Skywalker, since he's readorned his helmet, cracks and all.

That's not all. We've also got a Zorii Bliss skin on the way. If your first thought is "Zorii who?" we don't blame you. Zorii, played by Keri Russell, is a roguish outlaw character with some sort of connection to ace Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, and that's about all we know. We can safely assume we'll see more of her in the movie, but you can get a full look at her now, courtesy this tweet from SkinTracker.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Disclaimer: it's a bit of a mystery if and when these skins will become available. Now that we're a day or so removed from the Fortnite Star Wars event, the Rey, Finn, and Sith Trooper skins have disappeared, at least momentarily. It seems like Fortnite is currently focused on its Winterfest event, but it's possible that the Star Wars skins could return again before the movie releases in theaters on the 20th. There's also a chance these skins may never see the light of day, but then you just open a can of worms as to why they're in the game files anyway.

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