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Rust hit by catastrophic data loss after fire destroys data center

Rust PvP
(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)
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Rust developer Facepunch Studios has confirmed that a large chunk of players will have lost their save data after a blaze ripped through an OVH data center in Strasbourg, France (thanks, Eurogamer).

The fire has destroyed one building, and has currently spread to the data center next door, according to OVH CEO Octave Klaba. Everybody has escaped safely, and the network room in the latter building is currently unaffected.

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Cybersecurity analyst Kevin Beaumont tweeted images of the destroyed building, as well as a comparison of how the building looked before the fire.

25 EU Rust servers are currently offline as a result of the fire." We've confirmed a total loss of the affected EU servers during the OVH data centre fire," tweeted Facepunch. "We're now exploring replacing the affected servers." The developer has since confirmed that data will be unable to be restored. 

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Rust has seen a resurgence in popularity recently after many big streamers headed over to the game, creating their own servers and of course, tons of drama along with it.

Facepunch Studios is currently exploring how to replace the affected servers. We'll update this story with any new developments.

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