Rainbow Six Siege patch buffs Buck and ushers in dozens of fixes

Rainbow Six Siege has another huge patch rolling out this week – March 30 to be precise – and among the major changes is an improvement to Buck. He's the fellow who wields an automatic rifle and a shotgun, but according to Ubisoft, players haven't been using him properly. That handy shotgun is designed to breach through walls quickly (it's called the Skeleton Key, after all), but it's not been working effectively, until now.

The .gif above depicts the effectiveness of Buck's shotgun with patch 2.3, making him a more versatile character if quickly traversing the maps is a priority. On the topic of shotguns, Frost's Super 90 has been weakened a bit, with the falloff damage commencing at 3.5 metres rather than 5.

There are tonnes of other changes coming, too: more changes to offensive spawns have been made to thwart spawn kills, while hit detection has been adjusted to favour lower ping players, meaning they'll be less vulnerable when hiding behind cover. Hit detection fine-tuning remains a priority for the studio, and more fixes are expected down the line.

For the full patch notes, head over to the Rainbow Six forum here.


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