The Dread Pumpkin lands in Shadowgate later this month

Shadowgate pumpkin

When I first read about Zojoi's "Dread Pumpkin Quest" update for Shadowgate, I thought for a second I'd have the opportunity to make a joke about hanging around in pumpkin patches, watching the night drift by whilst reconsidering one's life choices. That, of course, would reference the Great Pumpkin, not the Dread Pumpkin, a potentially embarrassing gaffe for any self-respecting Charlie Brown fan. But as it turns out, I wasn't entirely off-base.

The Dread Pumpkin Quest is a "massive" update to Shadowgate, with a seasonally-appropriate Halloween theme. What you'll actually do on this particular quest hasn't been revealed, but one new screenshot features a pumpkin stuffed inside an upright sarcophagus—hidden object Shadowgate, perhaps? (No, probably not.) The update will add a number of other improvements as well, including an alternate command system, new achievements, Casual and Ironman play modes, improved save and load functionality, and a "retro graphics add-on."

And there is a little bit of Linus' most revered holiday hero in here, too. "With Halloween approaching, it was only natural to treat both new and existing players with an update that brings new game modes and improvements to current features. We think these additions will not only add replay value to the game, but make it a bit more fun for first time players unfamiliar with the Shadowgate franchise," Zojoi Design Directgor Karl Roelofs said in a statement. "Plus we’ve always wanted to do a side-quest paying homage to the Great Pumpkin but with our own take on the classic."

The Dread Pumpkin Quest update will go live later this month.

Andy Chalk

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