Where to find the nutcracker statues in Fortnite

fortnite nutcracker statues
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Fortnite season 5's holiday event, Snowdown, is finally here. It's snowing! Or it was snowing, and now part of the map is covered in pillowy white. The start of Snowdown means players have a brand new batch of challenges to finish, some new weapons to dish out damage with, new skins, and plenty of new limited-time modes.

One of Snowdown's more difficult challenges is to destroy nutcracker statues located around the map. We've whipped up this guide to every nutcracker location along with a visual aid. Snowdown lasts for only a little while, though, so make sure you get on it before the event ends.

Nutcracker Statue locations

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There are two main locations you can find nutcrackers in, although it may take you two matches to get all five needed to complete the quest.

In Retail Row, you'll find them in the large building at the east end of town. Inside you'll find three nutcracker statues. Look for the nutcracker statue peering out of the store window. Two other nutcracker statues are within spitting distance of him: One facing the cash register counter, and one parked in the corner of the back hallway.

Over in Holly Hedges, look for the house in the northeast corner. You'll find two nutcracker statues located in front of the garage doors.

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Keep in mind, you can get away with just destroying the same nutcracker statues in different matches, so don't feel like you've got to hike all the way across the map to finish this challenge in one go.

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