How to complete the Mandalorian challenges and get the Beskar armor

mandalorian challenges
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Fortnite season 5 is all about the hunters, and there's no one better at seeking out bounties than the Mandalorian. Din Djarin himself has been teleported from the immensely popular Disney Plus series to the equally popular battle royale game, and as with other characters in seasons past, he has a series of challenges you'll need to complete if you want to get his shiny Beskar armor. These are known as the "Beskar Quests."

The first challenge in the Beskar Quests is already live in-game, but the rest of the challenges needed to unlock the Beskar armor aren't available yet. It's not quite time to suit up, but you can, at least, get started on Mando's quest.

Here's how to complete the Mandalorian challenges available in Fortnite so far.

Mandalorian challenge: Land at the Razor Crest

Your first Mandalorian challenge is to land at the Razor Crest, Mando's signature spaceship. It's been added to the Fortnite map as a new POI. Click the link for our guide.

Mandalorian challenge: How to complete a bounty

mandalorian challenges

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You can read our gold bars and bounties guide to see how to complete a bounty in Fortnite. Basically, just talk to an NPC and accept a bounty on another player. Eliminate that player in less than five minutes and the bounty will be complete.

Mandalorian challenge: How to earn weapons specialist accolades 5 times

For this Mandalorian challenge/Beskar Quest, you need to deal a certain amount of damage with five different kinds of weapons. Try doing this challenge on the Team Rumble mode since you can respawn and get back into what basically amounts to a team deathmatch game.

For assault rifles and shotguns, you need to get 250 damage with both. For all other kinds of weapons, you should only need 150 damage each.

As of the launch of season 5, Fortnite currently has assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, heavy assault rifles, SMGs, and P90s. I haven't tested all of these myself, so you may have to experiment a little with what weapons count as unique categories.

Also keep in mind you may have to complete these in a certain order. Check your quest tab to be sure.

Mandalorian challenge: How to complete a legendary quest

In the quest menu, you'll see an orange quest atop the "all quests" tab. At the start of season 5, it's "complete 5 bounties," but it looks like this will cycle out every seven days. Completing whatever this quest is should complete the actual Beskar Quest/Mandalorian Challenge.

Mandalorian challenge: Find Beskar steel in the belly of the Shark

An actual treasure hunt! This Mandalorian challenge asks you to find some of that rare Beskar steel the Mandos love so much. It's located at the Shark, the island north of Coral Castle.

Mandalorian challenge: Defeat Ruckus

This Mandalorian challenge/Beskar Quest asks you to defeat Ruckus, a boss character carrying a mythic weapon. Read our guide for more info on where to find them.

Mandalorian challenge: Find Beskar steel where the earth touches the sky

This Mandalorian challenge/Beskar Quest asks you to find more Beskar steel. Easy peasy. Check our guide for more info.

Mandalorian challenge: Collect 500 gold bars

Exactly what it sounds like. 500 gold bars is no small amount, so your best bet is to work towards completing bounties and earning 70 gold bars for each one. Read our gold bars and bounties guide for more info.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our Fortnite season 5 guides and news. Our season 5 map guide will show you all the new locations to scout out, and it looks like the God of War is headed to Fortnite soon, too.

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