Fortnite map: Every new location in season 6

fortnite season 6 map
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Want to see the new sights of the Fortnite Season 6 map? Epic Games' battle royale island has been turned into one big "primal" hunting ground, with the big Fortnite Season 6 update wolves, chickens, and a more rustic feel to lots of buildings and weapons. That means the Fortnite Season 6 map is also sporting a brand new look.

Fortnite has almost always been known for big, expansive maps with well-designed biomes that keep things fresh in between all the shooting and looting. New POIs will be easily visible and popular locations for lots of players to drop into at once, while certain unnamed locations will inevitably become popular alternatives.

So whether you're looking to do a virtual tour, or just looking for the POI with the most loot chests, check out our guide to the Fortnite Season 6 map.

The Fortnite map for season 6. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 6 map: All the new locations

Here's all the new locations that have debuted during Season 6, and possibly replaced older locations. Nothing like a makeover, right?

Isla Nublar

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You'll find Orelia, the female Oros, on this tiny little island immediately south of the toilet factory. It's pretty much just a simple stone structure, and Orelia will be hanging out usually on the ground level.

The Spire

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This new location serves as Season 6's giant focal point, much like the Zero Point or Agency before it. This is the spot where the single-player mission that kicked off Season 6 ended, with the Foundation character (the meaner helmet-faced guy, not the skinnier Visitor or bulkier Scientist...we think) encasing himself in timey-wimey magic and vowing to return to finish his deal with Jonesy.

The Spire is another massive tower, the top of which houses a modest loot chest and a zipline for quick getaways. Speaking of ziplines, the small town below (which has a distinctly old west, yet alien look to it) the central spire is absolutely littered with them. Epic is clearly encouraging players to get in and get out as fast as possible, since this will likely be a popular location to drop.

Boney Burbs

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Just a stone's throw west of the Spire, Boney Burbs is basically serving as a replacement for the Tilted Towers-like location here last season. As you can probably guess, it gets its name from the dino bones holding up all the structures, with some tasteful triceratops skulls adorning a few roofs. Each building here is pretty sizeable, which will hopefully help keep other players from crowding you during the initial drop. If things get hairy, there's always the gas station on the edge of town for a quick retreat.

Colossal Crops

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So long, Coliseum. Hello once again to another big ol' farm. I'll definitely be hiding in the corn when outgunned.

Funnily enough, a bit of the Coliseum has survived, and has been adorned with bits of dinosaur bones. The central 'farmhouse' and the southern gate look like they'll be obvious targets to hit given their larger size. Don't forget to check out the absolutely killer Tri-Caesar-tops statue outside the farmhouse.

Guardian Towers

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There's six of these bad boys, which you can think of as miniature versions of the Spire. Dubbed "The Guardian of the Sea/Land" depending on their location, you'll usually find a few small houses nearby with Primal loot (which you can use for crafting). My favorite part of the Guardian towers is their launchpad at the top, which lets you pull out your glider again.

You can find the Guardian towers at Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods, north of Retail Row, northeast of Colossal Crops, east of Stealthy Stronghold, and east of Sweaty Sands.

Returning locations

fortnite map

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Of course, it'd be wildly unrealistic to expect the entire Fortnite map to change completely every season, even in a Covid-free world. So there's plenty of returning locations.

Stealthy Stronghold, Sweaty Sands, Slurpy Swamp, Lazy Lake, Retail Row, Steamy Stacks, Coral Castle, Craggy Cliffs, Misty Meadows, Dirty Docks, Catty Corner, and more are all back as you recognize them.

Best drop spots

By now, you've probably got your own opinions about returning locations and their usefulness. As for the new locations, it seems like the Spire is an obvious choice for the best place to drop into the fray. Its sizeable area contains a fair number of loot chests, plus the metric ton of ziplines will mean that even if you whiff the first minute of combat, you can get the heck out with style.

Your second choice should be Boney Burbs. Similarly, its sizeable and contains a multitude of chests, and is close enough to the Spire that a retreat to either is very much feasible.

The Guardian Towers are also strong choices for mid-game play. They're small enough they shouldn't garner too much attention right out of the gate, and their launch pads at the top will allow you to retreat by glider.

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