Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 Amazon deals: What to expect this year

Over the past few years, Amazon has usually had better Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales than any other major store—at least when it comes to PC components and accessories. During last year's sales, we counted more than 140 noteworthy discounts from Amazon, and this year promises to be just as good (if not better).

What to expect from Amazon deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amazon's yearly Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are typically very good. Most of the discounts we recorded last year from Amazon were for monitors/TVs, pre-built systems, CPUs, and accessories (keyboards, gaming headsets, mice, etc.). You can expect to see the same pattern this year.

This year's Prime Day was also excellent—we saw some of the lowest prices yet on graphics cards (post-crypto crash), CPUs, and SSDs.

Amazon has already released some early Black Friday sales, but there isn't much on offer yet for PC enthusiasts. These are constantly changing though, and we'll likely see more interesting deals as we get closer to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.