The biggest PC gaming stories of the week

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Begun the Auto Chess wars have. Valve is developing its own version of the Dota 2 mod. The Dota 2 modders are making a different version called Auto Chess for the Epic Games Store, and Riot have jumped in with their own accessible take on the mode. Which one should you play? This week Jon Bolding considered the options

That's not the only conflict we've seen this week. There can sometimes be a lull between E3 and Gamescom, but not this year. Here are the biggest stories of the week.

CCP has waged war on EVE Online players with a massive NPC invasion

We love a good EVE story, and Steven loves writing them.

The Steam Summer Sale Grand Prix game is confusing the hell out of everyone

Sometimes it's fine for a sale to just be a sale rather than a convoluted social experiment. Plus, indie devs have seen a bigger than usual spike in players removing their games from wishlists, which might have been due to users misunderstanding the contest rules.

Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney defends the store's exclusivity policy

Valve shows no signs of changing the cut it takes from games sold on Steam and the exclusivity policy is surely unsustainable in the long term. Epic has made a big bid to turn the viral success of Fortnite into long-term success in digital retail. How much of the market can Epic capture?

Bernie Sanders is about to become a Twitch streamer

Who's your Apex Legends main, Bernie?

Oh my god Mount & Blade: Bannerlord is in closed beta

This suggests the game might actually come out one day.

Final Fantasy 14 and Masters of Doom are getting TV series

Who would you cast as Carmack and Romero?

A former Blizzard boss discusses the death of Titan and the birth of Overwatch

"We failed to control scope" said Mike Morhaime, in an interesting interview about the company's internal agony over the cancellation of its massive new action MMO.

Quiz of the week

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I love Destiny lore, and the strange names Bungie comes up with for the game's exotics. However chatting in the office we noticed a crossover with the world of craft beer and at that point a quiz was inevitable. Yes the 'both' option is cruel and no we're not sorry.

Worst of the week

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Sometimes games are bad and it's our job to say they are bad. I'm sure there are plenty of much poorer games out there we haven't encountered yet, but these 22 games felt particularly grim to work through.

More news

Tweet of the week

Relevant to this tweet: Wes' piece, 'Why the hell do they have mouths,' a Final Fantasy 7 retrospective.

We also like this thread summarising the way different games frame saving your progress. 

Around the office

The UK team has been consumed by the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, which most of us have never seen. The sad-people-in-mechs show has generated a lot more chat than expected, and it's felt like a bit of a cultural moment, on Twitter at least. Where are our sad-people-in-mechs games?

More importantly this week, old grudges have been reignited.

Also, twist! We all turned into esports champs under Chris' highly moral guidance. 

That's all for this week. May your your quicksave key never fail.

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