Quiz: Destiny exotic or craft beer?

(Image credit: Bungie)

What do craft beers and Destiny 2's weapon/equipment/ship names have in common? They can be a little...flowery. Below, an in-joke about the names of both that began in the PC Gamer Slack channel has ballooned out of control, into an actual quiz we spent most of this morning figuring out. You'll see 30 ridiculous names, and you have to decide whether each one is a Destiny exotic (including weapons, ghost shells, armour, ships, and sparrows), a craft beer, or both. 

When Samuel first tweeted about this, a couple of people pointed out that the podcast Easy Allies did the quiz 'Halo Ship or Taylor Swift Song?', and so it seems right to mention them and link to that, though ours emerged independently from wasting valuable work time. Bungie's naming conventions just seem perfect for that kind of comparison. 

We've crosschecked all of these for accuracy, and have ran the test ourselves to make sure it's all correct. Enjoy. 

Thanks to Untappd for being a large database of ridiculously named beers, and Light.gg for reminding us of the names of obscure Ghost Shells. Additional thanks to beer expert Andrew Mathews for providing a few suggestions.

Tom Senior

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