Halle Berry joins Keanu in Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It must be a bit lonely for John Wick in Fortnite Season 10. He's a gloomy man trapped in a relentlessly colourful, cheery world. Cheer up, John, now you've got a friend in the form of fellow assassin and pal, Sofia, played by Halle Berry in the movie. Her outfit has appeared in the shop alongside her brooding buddy.  

Leaks back in May suggested that Sofia would be coming to Fortnite, though it looks like the skin has been tweaked since it was initially discovered by dataminers. It's all a surprise to me, as I didn't even realise Halle Berry was in John Wick 3. I just thought it was Keanu and loads of people he gets to kill. 

Sofia can be purchased in the Item Shop along with the John Wick skin and his themed gear, including a big sledgehammer and umbrella glider. She's part of the John Wick set, gets her own backpack and costs 1,500 v-bucks

Fraser Brown
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