Teamfight Tactics has been struggling to keep up with demand

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Teamfight Tactics, Riot's League of Legends-themed autobattler, has proved to be a bit popular. Riot made its Auto Chess bid earlier this week and it looks like players have been flocking to it in their droves, straining the servers and bumping up queue times to an hour. Dealing with the demand is an ongoing process. 

Queue time throttling has been employed in both the US and Europe at various times over the last couple of days, as the large number of games being played at the same time was taking its toll. Queue times have varied, but some players have reported waiting for up to an hour for a game. Expect to see throttling continue during peak hours.

Yesterday, Team Fight Tactics was also taken down in the EU West region while Riot investigated an issue that it experienced under high load. It was temporarily brought back online with a 30 minute queue, but the high load continued to cause problems. 

"There's more of you that want to try TFT than anywhere else in world which is neat, but there's so many of you we can't get all of you into games," product lead Richard Henkel wrote on Twitter

There's no word on a solution yet, and Riot's decided to postpone the game's launch in other regions while it keeps looking into the issues affecting EU West. 

Despite the problems, players and spectators continue to have a ravenous appetite when it comes to Riot's take on Auto Chess. It's one of several fighting to be top dog of the burgeoning genre, and it already shows a lot of promise. Check out James Chen's Teamfight Tactics impressions. He reckons Riot's onto a winner. 

If all this Auto Chess talk is giving you some serious FOMO and you want to get stuck in, we can help you pick the right version. Give Jon Bolding's Auto Chess comparison a read. 

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