The biggest PC gaming stories of the week

E3 is less than two weeks away (oh god). Usually this would mean a quiet time for news as publishers put the final touches on conference announces, but not this year, thanks to more platform news and some dubious TV show costuming decisions. Let's start with Microsoft.

  •  Microsoft is bringing more games to Steam.

Buying a Microsoft game on PC is an enormous endeavour, so this seems like a sensible move. Master Chief Collection, Gears of War 5, and the Age of Empires 1-3 Definitive Editions are coming to Steam. Hopefully Forza will follow. The Xbox game pass is also coming to PC.

  •  Microsoft is bringing more games to E3 than ever before

The next console generation is a-knocking, and Microsoft would like this launch to go better than the terrible Xbox One announce. This is good for us because these days Microsoft likes to bring its games to PC, too.

  •  Larian may be teasing Baldur's Gate 3, not Divinity: Original Sin 3

Huge if true. Check out our retrospectives on the venerable RPG's Infinity Engine, monsters, and memorable characters.

  •  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare arrives October 25, and here's the trailer

It's easy to feel fatigued about Call of Duty, but the Modern Warfare games were the peak of the series. I'm excited about revisiting that era with nice cloth physics and some ray tracing. Check out Chris' hands-on impressions for more.

  •   Nvidia is adding real-time ray tracing to Quake 2 and you can play it soon

A novel way to show off new tech.

Get that man an iron.

  •  The Nilfgaardian armor in Netflix' The Witcher series is disturbingly wrinkly

It's so weird.

  •  Sekiro game files seem to reference the rumoured George R. R. Martin FromSoftware game

Martin and Miyazaki megazording together. Just think of the lore.

  •  We're already making E3 predictions and rounding up rumours

It's going to be a big show. Don't miss the PC Gaming Show either, there's going to be loads of awesome and secret things there.

 • Finally, you too can own a Tub Geralt statue

Geralt's little legs are gaping at me as I write this.

More things that happened this week

 •  'Gaming Disorder' is officially recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization
Anthem's endgame announcement underwhelmed
The next chapter of Destiny 2 will be revealed in a stream next week
A new Darksiders game is being announced at E3
We rounded up every scrap of info on Marvel's Avengers game
Ghostbusters is being remastered why not
The Cultist Simulator devs announce spooky library game Book of Hours
Someone made Super Smash Bros in Overwatch
Iron Maiden launches lawsuit against Ion Maiden
The IntelliMouse returns with gaming-suitable specs
The Netflix Witcher series has finished filming, wrinkles and all
Total War: Three Kingdoms sells a million in a week
The Malkavians are coming to Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2
Twitch's Artifact category has become a wasteland of porn, memes, and worse

Tweet of the week

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Personal computers really can do anything. We were also amused by No Politic (good) Have Politic (bad), and reaction to the latest Death Stranding footage, which features a character called Die-Hardman, and women called Fragile and Mama. You can't see it but my eyes are rolling out of my head. We also like Call of Duty cereal jokes.

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Elsewhere this week we endured some awful corporate promotional games so you never, ever have to. Also: is it better to have loved a gun and lost it than to never have gunned at all? Sometimes loot hurts, but it's all part of the hobby.

That's all for this week. Have a brilliant weekend. May your save files never corrupt and your rocket launcher ammo be ever plentiful.

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