Larian may be teasing Baldur's Gate 3, not Divinity: Original Sin 3

E3 is coming, as you may have heard. And speaking of the number 3, Divinity developer Larian Studios appears to have something cooking over on its website, as seen above.

What could it be? Is Larian simply reminding us that E3 is coming, and expressing hope that everyone has a good time? Or is there maybe some other three it could be referring to? Three, three, what could it be?

The obvious guess is Divinity: Original Sin 3. Earlier this year, Larian revealed that it is working on a tactical RPG called Divinity: Fallen Heroes, but when you turn a 15-year-old niche RPG series into a major franchise with two tremendously successful releases in a row and then throw a huge-ass "III" on your website two weeks before the biggest gaming show in North America, well, people are probably going to make some assumptions.

But that's not the end of the story. Original Sin 3 is obviously a possibility, but a rumor surfaced last year that Larian was working on Baldur's Gate 3, which the studio quickly shot down. However, Twitter user Kunken pointed out that if you save the video and then open it in a text editor, you'll discover multiple references to Baldur's Gate 3  and Wizards of the Coast in the metadata. We've tested it, and it's true.

But then again, it looks an awful lot like a Divinity-style III, doesn't it? One way or another, I'm pretty sure we're being messed with here. Whatever it turns out to be, we'll be covering all the big pressers as well as individual games from the floor during the show—we've got the full schedule and links to press events, and some thoughts on what we expect (or faintly hope) to see from the big show here.   

Update: Larian Studios has declined to comment on the report.

Andy Chalk

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