Total War: Three Kingdoms sold a million copies in a week

Total War: Three Kingdoms is now the fastest-selling game in the series, shifting a million copies in its first week. This follows it knocking Rome 2 off the concurrent player top spot last week, when over 160,000 people were playing it. The peak player count is now over 190,000. 

"We knew we had something special with Three Kingdoms but the response from players, old and new, has exceeded all expectations,” said Rob Bartholomew, chief product officer. “We’re seeing a lot of ‘best Total War ever’ comments out there. We’re very proud.”

One of the reasons it's had such a successful launch is its popularity in China, and not just because of the setting. PC gaming is only getting bigger in China, with 312 million PC gamers and rising. 

“China, in particular, has dramatically moved up through the market share ranking for our titles over the last four or five years,” Bartholomew aid. “We’re now at a point where China is absolutely the most major market for Three Kingdoms.” 

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Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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