Netflix’s Witcher series has finished filming its first season

Filming has wrapped for Netflix’s upcoming Witcher series, according to social media posts by its main actor and showrunner. Both also hinted that there could be more seasons in store, but stopped well short of confirming that notion.

Henry Cavill, who is playing the titular Geralt of Rivia, posted a photo to Instagram Thursday that showed him sitting in a makeup chair, with two makeup artists arranging a bald cap on his head as he peers over the top edge of his mobile phone.

“Season 1 of The Witcher has finally come to an end,” he wrote in the caption. “And although I’m pulling a face here it has been an incredible journey!”

Cavill thanked the crew for their work in bringing The Witcher to life, adding “All those 3 a.m. wake ups were worth it!”

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich posted a selfie to Twitter, showing her smiling and seated below a mural depicting a grey wolf.

“That’s a wrap on season one! I have enough gray hair to play Geralt now, but it’s been the best year of my life,” she said.

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Both Hissrich and Cavill specifically mention “Season 1” of The Witcher, which would seem to imply that another season—or seasons—are planned for the series. Hissrich finished her tweet with a cryptic “Now, onto…”

No doubt Netflix will see how the show performs before renewing it, but I'm hoping it means even more adventures in store for Geralt and the gang.

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