Super Smash Bros. has been recreated in Overwatch

The Overwatch Workshop continues to be a gift, churning out loads of player-crafted custom modes and oddities. Some are just for goofing around, letting you murder people with emotes, but then there's modes that are a bit more involved, like Super Smashwatch, which transforms Overwatch into a Super Smash Bros. knock-off. It's brilliant. 

Super Smashwatch, created by Reddit user ajfis3, is a pretty significant overhaul, turning Overwatch into a 2D fighter where players get active shields, air dodges, double jumps and three lives. It's got the fundamentals. There's even the exaggerated knockback, along with little touches that emulate its inspiration.

Some of the other flourishes are restricted to the video posted on Reddit, which features the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate menu and even a brief SSB-style tutorial. It's a shame they're not in the mode itself, but I love that we've now got people making polished trailers and tutorial videos for the stuff they've made in the Workshop. 

At the moment, Busan's the only map that's available, but ajfis3 has plans to introduce more of them. 

If you want to get into some brawls yourself, here's the code: VZ4YG

Cheers, PCGamesN.


Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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