The PC Gamer January digest: the best news, reviews and features of the month

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January tends to have more slow news days that most months, as publishers become very sleepy after eating all of that Christmas money. Nevertheless, a lot did happen. You can enjoy some of the month's biggest stories in bullet point form.


The Division - Alt 4K

Websites are hungry beasts that live on a diet of words. We keep feeding our website words, but it is always hungry for more. Here, I shall recycle our past month's best words into a list, in the hope of tricking the site into a temporary cessation of its mewling.

Next Month

Xcom 2 4

January will be a tough month to beat, but February has a good chance. For one thing, it's the release month of one of the biggest PC exclusives of the year... American Truck Simulator. SCS Software's follow up to the marvellous Euro Truck Simulator 2 will initially release with two of America's many states: California and Nevada. Will it do enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor? Does it even need to? Here's Andy's review.

The biggest PC exclusive of the year is probably XCOM 2, which also releases next month. It's a ridiculously exciting prospect, because Firaxis' first XCOM was such a fine resurrection of the series. The sequel seems to be improving on every aspect, and will offer full mod support to boot.

Other big games for February include Firewatch and Street Fighter V, both of which seem like a nice way to roll on 2016's great start.

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