Quantum Break rated for PC in Brazil

Quantum Break

Gosh darn it all, I thought I'd retired my scathing quotation marks when the PC release date for 'Xbox One exclusive' Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced. Now the medium-straddling 'Xbox One exclusive' Quantum Break may be coming to PC too, according to Gematsu's digging around the website of the Brazilian rating board. The PC entry looks to have been removed since, but the agency has a reputation for leaks and Quantum Break creative director Sam Lake has previously expressed a wish to see it on PC. In the words of James Davenport, "it’ll happen (or I’ll eat a shoe)".

In a world where time is collapsing— oh, I'm writing this in the generic action movie trailer voice, if you didn't guess. In a world where time is collapsing, Jack Joyce must survive the unstable world and halt the end of time itself.


Normally I'd be bored to tears by the action hero pitch, but I can't help respecting Remedy's attempt to blend game with live action segments shaped by your choices in the world. It might not work at all, but who isn't keen on creative risk?

Quantum Break arrives on Xbox April 5. Its PC release date (and official existence) is a mystery.