Her Story 2 is on the way

Her Story 2015 Reviews

Now wouldn't it be a twist to discover that the 'Her' of Her Story was a serial killer who has been hauled in for questioning yet again? Sadly for the Angus Morrison School of Narrative Guff, Her Story 2 won't have anything to do with the first installment. Its existence has been confirmed but for the moment it has only a working title.

Developer Sam Barlow tweeted out this one-page breakdown for the not-sequel. It's censored of course, but that second paragraph and the first word of the next have been selectively bolded—a clue? No.

Nothing else has been confirmed other than that it will also feature live acting, but as most of the PCG team like to gibber excitedly whenever Her Story comes up in conversation, what's not to like about news that more is on the way?