The creators of the most popular Roblox game have formed a new studio

Uplift Games key art
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Adopt Me! is by leaps and bounds the most popular Roblox game, with the kind of player engagement that would put a lot of big standalone games to shame. In February the game had amassed 20 billion visits, which is pretty damn impressive for a game within a game.

So it's no surprise that the talent behind Adopt Me! has founded its own company called Uplift Games. Previously, the game's development talent were collectively known as Team Adopt Me and Dreamcraft, but Uplift Games is a full-blown company employing 40 staff with an intent to grow.

While Uplift Games will continue to support Adopt Me!, it's also focused on developing "future unannounced projects," though it's unclear whether these projects will be Roblox games or standalone titles. The default revenue split for Roblox is 30 percent to Roblox Corp, and 70 percent to the developer.

“While we’ve been developing Adopt Me as a team for almost four years now, Uplift Games is a huge step forward in bringing our vision to the games industry,” said Josh Ling, Director of Business Operations. “Our diverse team combines the best people from the worlds of Roblox and traditional game development, and we are so excited to continue building top Metaverse experiences in flexible and sustainable ways.”

According to Uplift Games' own stats, Adopt Me! enjoys 60 million monthly players. The gist of the actual game is this: You roam a whimsical online world collecting and nurturing the 150 pets on offer. You can also decorate houses and "use in-game tools to create [your] own emergent fun with friends." The game's profit comes from in-game transactions: the platform's Robux currency can either be earned in-game, or purchased with real cash.


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