The best Fortnite Halloween skins

fortnite halloween skins
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Halloween is my favorite time of year, and if you're a Fortnite fan, it should probably be one of yours, too. Candy goes on sale, Halloween costumes fill the shelves, and some spooky skins usually end up in the Fortnite item shop.

We've rounded up past Halloween skins from Fortnite, and speculated a bit on what we think this holiday's skins might take inspiration from.

What are the 2019 Fortnite Halloween skins?

Thanks to a series of fortuitous leaks and data mining, we finally know what a large number of Fortnitemare skins are going to look like. Check them out in the slideshow below. Most, if not all of these skin leaks come from data miners like Lucas7Yoshi, HypeX, and Kleinmike.

And here's a whole bunch of cosmetics that HypeX and Kleinmike found. Looks like there'll be plenty of spooky add-ons to choose from. Seriously, is that a robot teddy bear backbling at the bottom I see or am I crazy?

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If you want to see what all the games look like in-game, check out this video.

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Check out this creepy bear skin

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Look, the original pink Cuddle Team Leader is the stuff of nightmares, like some sort of Five Nights at Freddy's character lost some weight. I didn't really expect them to top it, but here we are. The new Snuggs Outfit turns you into a black bear-mask-wearing creep, complete with one eye X'd out and some stitches on either side of its lips. Don't forget the soulless eyes staring into your own as death slowly consumes you.

When does Fortnitemare 2019 start?

The v.11.11 update is expected to drop on or around October 13, but we expect the Fortnitemare event to happen shortly before Halloween, as it typically doesn't last for incredibly long. Epic will also probably be focused on supporting the Chapter 2 map, which has long been rumored to be a dramatically (if not entirely) different setting.

Previous Fortnitemare skins or skins that could return

fortnite halloween skin

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We also had the very recent Batman event, and the caped crusader is practically synonymous with the 'long Halloween' season. We're sure fans who missed out during the actual event would be happy to take another whack at it.

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There was also a brief crossover with IT: Chapter Two, but all we got out of that was some balloons placed around the map. Maybe a terrifying murder clown was deemed a bit too much for Fortnite's younger audience. 

So what else could we see? Well, as detailed in our guide to Season 11, Season 10 has been all about disruptions in reality. The Visitor and his buddy the Scientist have been running around the map setting up rift beacons, smashing certain locations together and making it so tacos rain from the sky, zombies plague towns, and people turn into furniture. We could possibly see this theme expanded on for Halloween skins with a sci-fi bent. Think aliens, zombies, robots, that kind of stuff. We'll let you know when we do.

Past Fortnite Halloween skins

Here's every Fortnite Halloween-themed skin we've seen in the past, at least as part of the Fortnitemare event. It's possible these skins will come back, but honestly, let's see some new stuff, eh?

What do you think we'll see for this holiday? Apparently Season 10 won't end until October 13, but will a Halloween event butt up against the inevitable Season 11 event? Fingers crossed we find out soon.

If you're in need of some help wading through all the Fortnite content out there, allow us. We've got our favorite Fortnite creative codes for players wanting a change of pace from Battle Royale. If you're diving back into Battle Royale with the new season, make sure to check out our Season 10 map and loot guide since some significant changes have gone down. And if you just need a good catching up, here's the Season 10 Fortnite patch notes.

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