The best Minecraft skins


In real life, picking out a new skin and then draping it over yourself for aesthetic effect in generally considered a no-no (thanks for ruining that for us, Leatherface). Fortunately, this isn’t real life: it’s Minecraft, where derma-centric self-expression is encouraged and celebrated. Try stepping into the shoes of mythical creatures and memes, cosplaying your favourite cartoon character or just scaring the snot out of your friends.

It couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is follow these handy links to your preferred skin, download it to your computer, then login to where you’ll find the option to upload a custom skin on the Profile page. Next time you boot up your game, you’ll be dressed to the nines in your fancy new threads.

We’ve compiled a list of the best sites for finding and creating custom Minecraft skins—and we’ve also chosen our absolute favourites from a variety of weird and wonderful categories. Emphasis on the weird: Leatherface has nothing on creepy Mickey Mouse.


Videogame-inspired skins

Companion Cube

Remember when shootypuzzling title Portal made us care about an inanimate hunk of metal? Ah, good times… until they weren’t, of course. But fresh from that awful incinerator, The Weighted Companion Cube is back as a Minecraft skin.

Link: Companion Cube


Play as Street Fighter’s Hadouken-happy poster boy with this skin. He’s sporting his customary red gloves and stylish bandana, as well as toting some seriously well-shaded guns. And, unlike Street Fighter, weapons are a thing in Minecraft. Ryu with a big, cheaty diamond sword? Sold.

Link: Ryu

Link and Princess Zelda

It’s dangerous to mine alone, so take these two skins for a spin with a pal. Link’s carrying his Hylian shield on his back, while Zelda’s bedecked in some detailed royal bling. Top tip: install the Familiars mod to have a little Navi follow your Hero of Time around and flag up diamond ore.

Link: Link and Princess Zelda

Ezio Auditore

Parkour’s one of the most popular map types in Minecraft. And who better to jump around chunky rooftops as? Videogames’ finest assassin dons a pixelated hood for your very own creeper-flavoured version of Requiescat In Pace. You’ll probably have to craft your own haystacks, though.

Link: Ezio


Why yes, Survival mode on Hardcore difficulty does make us feel like the unfortunate protagonist of tough-as-nails roguelike The Binding of Isaac. Forgo the power trip of superhero skins and strip down to the true form of anyone confronted with an army of zombie pigmen: a bare-naked, blubbering baby.

Link: Isaac

Superhero skins


Quick, somebody play some DMX! Everybody’s favourite, foul-mouthed obliterator of the fourth-wall scrubs up a treat in cuboid Lycra. Now that dual-wielding’s in the game, you could even have him dual-wielding twin swords.

Link: Deadpool


Apparently, the caped crusader is the most used skin after good ol’ Steve. Bat-eared mask? Check. Iconic black Speedos? Check. Cold, dead, white eyes? Erm, check. It’s little wonder this one’s so popular—Batman versus Enderman is quite the sight to behold. Unlike that other “Batman versus” movie, but let's not get into that.

Link: Batman


Well, speak of the devil: here’s Supes in all his elegantly-coiffed glory. Along with his classic red and blue attire, the Minecraft version of the comic book icon models a flowing red cape so resplendent, it appears to have bled into his legs a little bit. All the best accessories do.

Link: Superman

Captain America

With shields a part of Minecraft’s combat since the latest update, you might be tempted to slip into this rather patriotic little number to cosplay as this helicopter-curlin’ hero. The leader of the Avengers is a great choice—although I can’t promise that this skin will make your shields indestructible.

Link: Captain America

Iron Man

Got richer tastes? Then rep Team Iron in the Minecraft world’s most expensive and well-armed suit. It could inspire you to become a better business owner (take good care of your pig farms), brush up on your engineering skills (dust off those redstone repeaters) or reprise your career as an international playboy (nope, this is Minecraft. I got nothing).

Link: Iron Man

Food skins

Derpy Cake

The cake is alive! And it appears to be some sort of vanilla-frosted, candy-besprinkled chocolate affair. Also it has legs and a face. Bit off-putting, if I'm honest—but tons of fun to play as, especially if you’re using a sweets-themed texture pack and crafting a castle made entirely of Skittles, cookies and joy.

Link: Derpy Cake


Actually, can I have the goofy mug back, please? Burger’s lack of facial features is sort of strange. Who knows how many of the sesame seeds on his face are functioning eyes. His MLT (meat, lettuce and tomatoes) shirt is rather endearing, though.

Link: Burger

Zombie Taco

Somebody left this charming specimen of Mexican cuisine out a little too long: he’s gone rotten. His delicious, crispy head is all bashed in, and instead of exposed brains, we spy yummy taco-tastic filling inside.

Link: Zombie Taco

Watermelon Dude

This one’s refreshing. Not content with being a simple watermelon, this guy is accessorising with a wicked-cool pair of shades and a pip-eating grin. He’s also wearing a shirt with a picture of a watermelon on it, which is a pretty narcissistic move, if you think about it.

Link: Watermelon Dude

Soda Bottle Monstrosity

“Monstrosity” hardly seems fair. Come on, just look at his wee bottle-cap hat! The adorable cokehead wears red and white, and appears to be made entirely of glass. I'd recommend not falling down any ravines while inhabiting this form.

Link: Soda Bottle Monstrosity

Horror skins


Even in Minecraft, you can’t escape the internet’s most iconic apparation. Blank-faced, suited and booted, this skin rivals the Enderman for the game’s creepiest lanky terror. Put it on and lurk outside all your friend’s virtual hangouts if you’re feeling super-evil.

Link: Slenderman

Creepy Mickey Mouse

We’ll forever maintain that Mickey Mouse and his squeaky chuckles were unsettling enough without a gaping maw full of awful rickety teeth. Just in case the nightmares weren’t enough, here’s an extra-weird version of Disney’s darling for you to play as.

Link: Creepy Mickey Mouse

Scary Clown

Oh no. No, thanks. This Pennywise-esque abomination prompts so many questions. Are those his eyebrows or his eyeballs? Is he wearing denim dungarees or floral Spandex? Is that red stuff on his head his hair or an extended Chelsea Smile? I'm too busy running away to check.

Link: Scary Clown

Swamp Glob

Squelching his way onto our list of faves is Swamp Glob, who in comparison to all this nightmare fuel is actually oddly sweet. Nice, wide toothy torso of a smile—probably a delight on picture day. Wear it to have your whole head morph into a heavily-veined eyeball. Fun.

Link: Swamp Glob

Ju-on The Grudge Ghost

Well, somebody needs a haircut. I'm being flippant, of course, because humour is our only defense against this walking (or should that be staircase-crawling?) nopenopenope. Supernatural star of the Japanese horror movie, Kayako Saeki’s sure to freak out your fellow server-goers.

Link: Ju-on The Grudge Ghost

Meme skins


The professor’s originally from the television series Futurama, but he’s made quite the sideline out of his appearances in animated GIFs and forums (we hear it pays brilliantly). Now a meme in his own right, bring out this beauty, then run around screaming “YOUR SKIN IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!” at others.

Link: Zoidberg


Minecraft takes a perverse pleasure in trolling its players: in fact, I'm not sure why the native creeper skins don’t have trollfaces. This skin will at least let you smirk mockingly right back at the little green griefers—and the tailoring on that suit ain’t half bad, either.

Link: Trollface


Much beautiful. Very skin. Wow. This grammatically inept shibe is pretty much a universal treasure now, so stepping into his paws for a spot of crafting can only lead to good, fluffy things. What do you mean, you need opposable thumbs to hold a pickaxe?

Link: Doge

Dat Boi

With that essential unicycle (wow, there’s a combination of words that’s probably never been written before) fused comfortably into this skin’s legs, here comes dat boi to wheel his way into Minecraft. Our only response to this, of course, is a solemn “oh s**t waddup”.

Link: Dat Boi

Damn, Daniel!

Those trademark white Vans are practically glowing in this Minecraft skin tribute to the world’s most stylish high-schooler. We would never have thought to pair a red backpack with a graphic tee. Truly the great thinker of our generation. Tell us your secrets, Daniel.

Link: Damn, Daniel!

Looking for more Minecraft skins? Head on to page two for a round-up of the best Minecraft skin hosting sites.