Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates leaked


Time to prepare for the evisceration of your Steam Wallet again. The Steam Summer Sale 2019's dates have slipped out early, as per usual, so you can start sorting out your Steam Wishlist ahead of time. 

The deals will kick off on June 25 and stick around for a fortnight, ending on July 9. 

I will be avoiding temptation and abstaining, as I'm already well past my breaking point for new games this year. The good stuff has been relentless and the mental gymnastics required to quickly switch from adventure games to management games to shooters is taking its toll. 

Looks like I'll have to live vicariously through you lot. Got your eye on anything?

Cheers, SteamDB via SteamCN. Here's what we can predict about other Steam sales happening this year, and how you can get the most from them.