Where to find Health Stim upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor health stim locations - cal is standing in front of a chest which has a health cannister sticking out of it and a yellow glowing lid
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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Health Stim upgrades are found in various locations and increase the number of times you can heal between resting at meditation points. Some of the bosses can be pretty tough, so having as many health canisters as possible means you have more chance of surviving whatever the Empire throws at you.

Cal Kestis has multiple lightsaber stances to see off foes this time around, plenty of puzzles to solve, and more jumps to mess up and send you to an untimely death. While no amount of health upgrades will help you with your platforming skills, if you find yourself low on health and struggle to make it to the next meditation point, it's worthwhile taking some time to locate these upgrades. While I have yet to discover all of them, here are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Health Stim locations I've found so far. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Health Stim locations 

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Health Stim upgrades are found in metal chests, and they're usually tucked away and require some searching to locate them. Each time you pick one up you'll gain a health charge, meaning you can heal more often. You start off with two charges, and this will increase each time you find an upgrade.

Here are the Health Stim upgrade locations we've found so far.

Undercity Meats, Coruscant

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From the Undercity Meats meditation point, look for the platform straight ahead after you've defeated the droid. Climb up to find the chest containing the Health Stim. 

Rambler's Reach, Koboh

You'll need to find ten Priorite Shards and purchase the Mysterious Keycode from Doma in her shop at Rambler's Reach once you save Zee. This lets you unlock a room just to the left of the shop counter that hides a chest containing an extra Health Stim. 

Basalt Forest, Koboh

From the Basalt Rift meditation point in the Basalt Forest, head towards the area where you fight the Mogu, past the shortcut. Once defeated, use the wall in the enclosed area to wall run up. When you reach the top, take the lower path on the right. Keep going to find the chest containing the Health Stim at the end. 

Sheltered Hollow, Jedha

The chest containing the Health Stim. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

On Jedha, after you reach the Sheltered Hollow with Merrin and rest for the night, you'll find it the next morning on your route out of the cave. 

Assembly Staging, Shattered Moon

This stim is quite tricky to find. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

You'll arrive at this distinctive glowing room in Assembly Staging on the Shattered Moon in the main story after a long movement section with lots of ziplines, wall running, and climbing across electrified grates. To get to the stim, grapple up from the bottom of the room, then take the zipline, but jump off and back on again to avoid the electricity. Follow the walkway around to find the stim. 

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