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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mount guide - Cal is sitting on a nekko in a grassy wasteland with a metal hut in the background
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You'll get your first Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mount after you've finished exploring the Forest Array, and as it's part of the main story, you won't have to worry about missing it. Getting around is much easier once you've got a mount, and you'll finally be able to traverse the watery slopes and other obstacles you've seen since the beginning of your journey.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up the story of Cal Kestis five years after the events of Fallen Order. This time around, he has multiple lightsaber stances to see off foes, plenty of puzzles to solve, and more platforming to completely misjudge and fall to your death than you can handle. If you want to make traversing the terrain a little easier, here's when you get your first Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mount, as well as details on some others.


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Tame the Relter to glide out of trouble 

While not technically a mount because you don't actually ride on its back, the relter allows you to hitch a ride beneath it as it glides to various places you would normally be unable to reach. To use the relter, simply stand underneath it and jump.

You'll meet and tame your first relter once you complete the Forest Array section of the main story. You need this flying fellow to get out of the area, so you can't miss it. Sadly, you can't call the relter at will, but once you've initially tamed it, the relter will appear in other places across Koboh to lend you a helping hand. 

Nekko mount

How to get the nekko mount

Right after you finish the Forest Array area, you'll be able to tame a relter which lets you glide to various previously inaccessible locations. As luck would have it, it also lets you get out of the Forest Array and glide to the nearby Nekko Pools meditation point, which is surrounded by three watery slopes. In order to get out of this place, you need to use the series of climbable surfaces to find a nekko and tame it.  

From the meditation point, look at the watery slope on the far left, then use the wall to the right of it to wall-run, then jump from wall to wall until you can grapple to the point just ahead by pressing E. Traverse to the right, jumping across the narrow gap—if you look down, you should see two watery slopes beneath you. You want to aim for the one on your right, so drop and slide down to the grassy area below with the shallow pool. 

Look to your left, and you'll see a nekko at the back of the small cave. Approach the animal and press CTRL to tame it, then E to mount up. Congratulations, you have your first mount. Pressing CTRL allows you to call your newly acquired mount at any time—assuming the area you're in allows mounts. 

Now you have your trusty err.. bird?.. you can traverse the watery slopes, so head back the way you came, take the slide on the far right of the meditation point area, and continue on your way back to the Mantis.

Spamel mount

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How to get the spamel mount

You won't unlock the spamel until you finish the first section of story on Koboh and head to Jedha to meet Cere. When you land on the desert planet you'll have to explore some ruins, but shortly after you'll get to tame a spamel to carry you to Cere's secret base. The spamel mount is very similar to the nekko, letting you jump extra high to grab hidden collectibles and scale sandy slopes that you'd otherwise slide back down.

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