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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor essences are small blue beacons of light that offer you different rewards depending on which one you find. Stumbling across a health or force essence permanently increases your maximum capacity for that particular resource, so they're well worth looking out for while you're out and about exploring.

There are other types of essences, too. Another that's commonly found rewards you with XP and a Skill Point, while the rarest of the four types will give you a new or improved ability. Generally, there's no way of telling which one you'll get until you interact with it, so I've listed the locations of each one I've found below, broken down by region. Here are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor essence locations.

Health essence locations

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These essences increase your health meter, which is pretty vital if you're playing on the harder difficulties.

Dredger Gorge health essence

From the Derelict Dam meditation, head across the slatted bridge to the right of the dam, and you'll find some droids fighting an enemy in an open area ahead. Take care of the enemies, then use your force pull to open the red hatch. You can scan the nest inside and then find the essence on the upper section to your right. 

Rambler's Reach health essence

This one is found at the highest point of the Riverbed Watch meditation building. Wall jump up inside to get up there and then climb up the outside to get to the top. Jump up onto the top and look inside to find this essence. 

From the Swindler's Wash meditation, head further up the valley until you find the arena with the bilemaw. Beat it, then wall run from left to right behind the waterfall, jumping up higher to access another wall run. Then wall run from right to left, and again, from left to right, this time jumping to the wall run on the higher wall to reach the top of the closest pillar. You'll spot the essence site on top of the rocky pillar next to the one you land on. 

Force essence locations

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These essences increase your maximum force meter, letting you use force powers for longer and more often.

Undercity Meats force essence

After resting at the Undercity Meats meditation point in Coruscant, you'll find this essence to the left of dark meat hanging room. 

Dredger Gorge force essence

From the Derelict Dam meditation, follow the path to the right of the dam and towards the orange elevator. Use roller mines to blow up the wall below and to the left. Fight the droids and the gorger, then use the rope to climb up. You'll see the essence spot near the elevator shortcut. 

Rambler's Reach force essence

Found in Hunter's Quarry, behind a destructible door near the building with the crane at the end. From the Rambler's Reach Outpost meditation, head to Hunter's Quarry and look for the circular building with the crane attached—note the breakable door to the right. Get inside the building by wall running and climbing up to the right, then drop down inside, and activate the roller mine machine. Blow open the main door with one, then draw another outside to blow open the door blocking the essence point. 

Skill Point essence locations

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These essences provide you with a skill point that you can use to upgrade an ability at a meditation.

Dredger Gorge Skill Point essence

From the Derelict Dam meditation, drop down to the left of the dam, then head down the right path, past the Sense Echo on your left until you find the rope. Swing and wall run on the left side of the giant hole to reach a platform with the essence 

Rambler's Reach Skill Point essence

From the Southern Reach meditation, head down and around into the open plain area with the gorgers and the waterfall and look for the rocky platform to the left of the waterfall. Climb up it and onto the vines. At the top, jump and pipe swing across the gap and head across the pools to find a rope you can use to swing across to a little area with the essence point at the far end. 

In the Smuggler's Tunnels below the cantina in Rambler's Reach. After the green laser gate, drop down into the water with the Gorgers to find it off to the left side. 

Basalt Forest Skill Point essence

Found after you get to the top of the Forest Array and fight the boss. From the Rehabilitation Wing meditation point, head up the stairs and right to the boss room. The essence is in the open area of the room where you leave, so it's hard to miss. 

Abilities locations

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These essences provide you with a new abilities that you can use in combat and world exploration.

Basalt Forest ability essence

In the cave to the right of the meditation point. (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

In the cave to the right of the Bilemaw Den meditation point. This one gives you the Confuse (Major Fauna) ability. 

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