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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Priorite Shard vendor Doma
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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Priorite Shards are a special item you find quite early on in the game while you're still fighting Imperials on Coruscant, but these rocks are quite valuable once you get to Koboh. As the game hints, there is a specific vendor in the Rambler's Reach outpost that you unlock, who'll take the shards off your hands in exchange for items.

You can find Priorite Shards all over Koboh, and can recognise them by the glint that they give out, though datadiscs admittedly do the same. There are also Scavenger Bots that you can destroy to claim shards. While I haven't found every Priorite Shard location on Koboh, here are thirty or so locations in the initial areas of the game, plus when you'll unlock the shop so you can buy the best stuff on offer straight away.

Coruscant Priorite locations

There are some Priorite Shards to grab on Coruscant in the prologue (Image credit: EA)

There are five Priorite Shards to find in the opening Coruscant section of Jedi: Survivor. Here they are in order of when you can grab them: 

  • After the first meditation point, climb up and kill the stormtroopers, then follow the path down to the left to find the shard on a table.
  • Once you zipline across the gap and do the two wall runs, look to the left down the side of the water-slicked slope to find one.
  • When you fall off the pipe into the middle of the stormtroopers, head up the stairs, and swing across the pipe on your left to find the shard on a small container.
  • After you swing across the giant gap, climb up to where the big crane is, and fight some more stormtroopers, you'll find this one hidden under a staircase before a gap you can squeeze through.
  • Once you beat the ninth sister, wall run across the billboards, climb the rope to hang on the roof, and do the two side-to-side ziplines to land on a platform and find this shard resting on a railing to your left.

Dredger's Gorge Priorite locations

It's easy to spot Priorite Shards by their glint (Image credit: EA)

This is the first main region you land in on Koboh. I've broken down the first ones you'll find into subregions: 

Gorge Crash Site

  • From the Gorge Crash Site meditation, wall run across to where you find the battle droids, but instead of carrying on to where to raider is, head left and wall run up to a ledge to find one 

Derelict Dam 

  • From the Derelict Dam meditation, jump back across the wrecked dam and look down to see the shard below you in a little cave.
  • From the Derelict Dam meditation, head straight on, then down and to the right where you can wall run across. You'll find a shard on the far side by the destructible rock barrier.
  • From the Derelict Dam meditation, jump up to the tar pit and climb the dam to your left. After you fight the first mando droid, turn right into a cave with a fire pit burning. Head over the unlit pit on the left to find a shard.
  • After you've unlocked the roller mines for destroying rock barriers, bait one to the wall run mentioned above, then run across and force pull the mine to blow up the barrier. You'll find a big monster inside, plus a rope you can climb. Once at the top, look down to spot a shard on a rocky roof beam below.

Rambler's Reach Priorite locations

You'll find some shards hidden in strange places (Image credit: EA)

This is the central region of Koboh, and contains the most Priorite Shards. Here are the locations I found broken down into subregions:

Southern Reach 

  • From the Southern Reach meditation, turn around and wall jump up to find a shard on the ledge above.
  • From Southern Reach meditation, head down and around into the open plain area with the Gorgers and the waterfall, climb up onto rocky platform on your left, then up on the vines to find a bird nest with a shard
  • From Southern Reach meditation, head down and around into the open plain area, then down again to find the unusual silo on the left. Wall jump side-to-side to get up and find a shard on top of it.
  • From the last one, keep climbing higher along the platforms from the silo roof to find a shard in a cave at the farthest point
  • From Southern Reach meditation, follow the main trail down until you find a warehouse on the right with a door you can force push open. Find the shard inside, though beware of the turret.

Riverbed Watch 

  • From the Riverbed Watch meditation, jump down and head towards the river where you can see the lamp. Kill the Scavenger Droid here for a shard.
  • From the Riverbed Watch meditation, climb up inside the building to get to the top of the raider outpost on the roof. Look towards the back of the outpost to find it.

Hunter's Quarry

  • From the Rambler's Reach meditation, climb up the vines to your left, and head left into the tunnel entrance to enter Sodden Grotto. Drop down to the lower path ahead as you enter and go left to find a shard.
  • Dropped by the Scavenger Droid taunting you in Sodden Grotto
  • From the Rambler's Reach meditation, climb left up the vines, and head right towards the far end of the valley where the building with the crane is. Wall run up to the right to get inside and drop down through the roof to find a shard on a table.

Rambler's Reach Outpost

  • From Rambler's Reach meditation, use your force powers to knock down the skull on the gate, dropping a shard.
  • Stuck in the toilet of Pyloon's Saloon. Examine to get it out.
  • Find a Scavenger Bot to kill right just outside the stables in the bushes near the fence in Rambler's Reach outpost.
  • On the second floor of the stable. Jump on the fence to get up inside through the window or use a nekko to get enough height.
  • In the building with the tower near the stable. Use a nekko to jump in through the back roof to find it inside.

Swindler's Wash

  • From Swindler's Wash meditation, head further up the valley until you find the waterfall with the Bilemaw below it. Wall run up into the cave on the left to find a shard.
  • From the location of the above shard, wall run from the cave entrance to get even higher and onto the top of the pillars off to the side of the waterfall. You'll spot a pillar in the centre you can jump down to with a shard on top.
  • From Swindler's Wash meditation, go the opposite side of the gorge by the big gate towards the Basalt Forest, then right towards the pillar by the pools to find the shard under a ledge.

Untamed Downs

  • From the Untamed Downs meditation, drop down and look behind the waterfall
  • From the Ramblers Reach meditation, go to the stables, then up the ledge into the Untamed Downs. By the bridge shortcut you can knock down, you'll spot a cave further up on the left. Head inside and use the vines to climb to the top where you'll find a Mogu. Right from where you came up, you'll find a platform you can jump back across to with a shard.

Fort Kah'lin 

  • From the Fort Kah'lin meditation, jump up straight ahead to the higher level, and follow it around to find an open area with lots of droids and a hatch. The shard is on top of the hatch, but be warned, trying to grab it drops you into the Spawn of Oggdo's boss arena. Defeat the boss to pick it up. 

 Bygone Settlement

  • From the Bygone Settlement meditation, wall run straight ahead to the grate then climb to the upper level with the Jawas. Stick to the walkway on the right side to find a room with a shard.
  • From the Bygone Settlement meditation, go straight ahead and left into the scrapyard area with the rock platform in the middle with a plant on top. Use a Nekko to jump up the ledge concealed off to the side to find a shard.

Basalt Forest Priorite locations

Killing Scavenger Droids can get you a Priorite Shard (Image credit: EA)

You first visit this region to activate the Forest Array. There are mostly datadiscs to collect here, but there are some shards, too. Here they are broken down by subregion:

Basalt Rift

  • When you first enter the Basalt Forest through the gate in Swindler's Wash and have to slice through stone pillars to clear your route, make sure to slice the further pillar back as well since this drops a shard.
  • After you unlock the shortcut and get to the end of the stream by wall running on either side, turn around and wall run up onto a ledge above to find a shard.
  • From the Basalt Rift meditation, after you've unlocked the shortcut, run across it and head right down towards where the Bilemaw is sleeping among the pillars. Drop off to your right to find a Scavenger Bot you can kill for a shard.

Nekko Pools

  • From the Nekko Pools meditation, head into the cave with the waterfall and to the back end to find a shard
  • From Nekko Pools meditation, once you've got a nekko mount, run up the watery slope with the wall running on either side and look in the cave with the waterfall on the right to find a shard.

How to use Priorite Shards

You can purchase a variety of items from Doma including a keycode that gets you a health stim (Image credit: EA)

You can use Priorite Shards to buy items from Doma's shop in the Rambler's Reach outpost. This unlocks after you explore the smuggler's tunnels under the settlement to find a gyro for the Mantis, and you accidentally find Zee the droid as part of the main story. Doma offers a variety of items, including hairstyles, clothing, music, weapon materials, and even a keycode that opens a door in her shop with an extra health stim inside.

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