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The Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Datadiscs are one of the game's many collectibles that you can snatch up while you're out and about exploring Koboh. These ancient artifacts are usually scattered around High Republic ruins and as such, are a little rarer than their glinting Priorite Shard counterparts.

In many ways, Datadiscs are more valuable, though, allowing you to purchase perks and even a perk slot once you unlock the vendor who'll take them off your hands. While I haven't found every Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Datadisc, I've included the locations for quite a few you can grab in the game's initial areas, plus how to unlock the merchant who'll trade you for them.

Star War Jedi: Survivor Datadisc locations

Datadiscs are found in High Republic ruins or in Meditation Chambers. The best way to get them early on is in the Forest Array area you visit during the main story, but you can also get the odd few from killing Scavenger Droids around Koboh. Here are the locations I've found so far.

  • From the Southern Reach meditation, head down the trail, right into the open plain area with the Gorgers, then left and down towards the big locked silo at the centre of the area. Behind the white tank ahead of you is a Scavenger Droid that drops a Datadisc.
  • In the Chamber of Duality in Rambler's Reach during the main story, in the room with the second orb when you're trying to free Z.
  • From the Basalt Rift meditation, once the shortcut is unlocked, head across it and climb over the collapsed pillars on the left to find a Mogu off to your right. Fight it, and wall run up to the top, then double back along the walkway to find this Datadisc on a railing.
  • In the Chamber of Reason in the Basalt Forest. This is easily accessible near where you fight the Mogu above. You can find this Datadisc at the very top of the chamber on the big open ledge area that you can wall run up to.
  • From the Basalt Rift meditation, after you defeat the Bilemaw, climb the moveable pillars to get to the field of Koboh Dust, then jump onto the vines on your right and climb around to find this Datadisc in a small cave off to the side.
  • From the Forest Array meditation, look right and behind to see a drop-down area filled with Koboh Dust and a cog at the far end on the ground with a Datadisc. You can double-jump and grab it right before the dust kills you.
  • Also from the Forest Array meditation, look down into the Koboh Dust pit ahead and to your left to see a gear with a Datadisc on top of it. Drop down to grab.
  • From the Forest Array meditation, after you melt the barriers on either side, head into the right side room, climb up, and swing onto the first platform. Now, turn around to see another swinging pole leading to two opposite platforms higher up, one with the Datadisc on.
  • After you unlock the shortcut directly in front of the Forest Array meditation, this Datadisc is just after where the barrier was, on the left side of the path.
  • From the Forest Array meditation after you've unlocked both main shortcuts. Go straight ahead into the centre area with the orb, then straight on into the area with the stormtroopers. Turn left down the broken bridge to find this at the end.
  • In the Chamber of Clarity in the Untamed Downs, which you can access close to the meditation once you have a nekko. When you first enter, pull the block out to your left, then drop down into the space behind it to find this Datadisc.

How to use Datadiscs

You can exchange Datadiscs with Zee the droid in the Pyloon Saloon. As opposed to Doma's Shop for Priorite Shards, Zee mainly sells perks and a perk slot, though she does also have some droid and weapon materials. Even though you find her quite early on, Zee won't become available as a vendor until after you head to the Forest Array and return to visit the fixed-up Mantis. You can find her on the upper floor of the saloon by the fish tank.

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