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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perks are a system that lets you add buffs to Cal in combat so you can tune his playstyle, and improve whichever lightsaber stance you prefer. If you like the new blaster stance, then you might want to buff his ranged damage, or if you enjoy flinging stormtroopers around with force powers, you may prefer to use them to bolster your lightsaber damage.

There are lots of perks and so lots of possibilities in terms of defining Cal's combat. Perks are found throughout the game in Meditation Chambers, from focusing certain essence points, and there's even a vendor you can unlock who sells them to you. So, here's every Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perk I've found so far, how to unlock them early on, as well as the quickest way to get extra perk slots.

How to unlock perks

You can get a perk early by beating the Rancor in Sodden Grotto (Image credit: EA)

You'll unlock the perk system once you find your first, which is possible as soon as you arrive on Koboh. The first perk you can get is Shatter from defeating the Rancor in the Sodden Grotto just before you arrive at the Rambler's Reach outpost. From the Rambler's Reach meditation, you'll spot an NPC at a workbench nearby, and speaking to them should mark the location for the grotto on your map as a rumor. If not, follow the instructions in the list below. If you're struggling with the Rancor, you can get the Resilience perk in the story when you find and free Zee the droid under Rambler's Reach.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perk locations

You mainly get perks from High Republic Meditation Chambers (Image credit: EA)

There are a variety of places you can get perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, including Meditation Chambers, purchasing them from Zee with Datadiscs, and you'll even get some from essence points in certain locations. Here's every perk I've found so far out in the world:

  • Shatter (Attacks are more effective at breaking guard): You get this after defeating the Rancor boss in the Sodden Grotto near Rambler's Reach. To get there, head left up the vines from Rambler's Reach meditation, then look left for the mine entrance.
  • Resilience (Increases block meter): During the story when you free Zee in the Chamber of Duality, she'll show you where this is.
  • Dexterity (Lightsaber throws deal more damage): Get this from the Chamber of Reason in the Basalt Forest. From Basalt Rift meditation, head across the shortcut, up the hill, and right across the broken bridge to find the entrance.
  • Fellowship (BD carries an extra stim, but stims only reset at rest): Get this from the Chamber of Clarity in the Untamed Downs. Once you have a Nekko mount, from Untamed Downs meditation, head back out the cave and look to the left for two collapsed arches and some vines you can reach with the Nekko to climb and find the entrance.
  • Precision (Parry timing is shorter but Cal deals more damage when he does): Found in the Stone Spires when you head there during the story. While using the volcanic vents to reach the top of the Devastated Settlement, clear the Koboh matter near to the entrance of the third island you land on after unblocking the second vent.
  • Marksmanship (Cal deals more damage with blaster): Also in the Stone Spires. From the Grand Courtyard meditation, head through the building, unlock the shortcut, then climb onto the tower to your right to find this.

Here are also the perks you can get from Zee's shop once you unlock it when you return from the Forest Array. Each perk costs five Datadiscs: 

  • Equilibrium (Force attacks increase lightsaber damage)
  • Versatility (Deal extra damage temporarily after switching stance)
  • Wisdom (Gain more XP from enemies)
  • Elixir (Healing stims also provide super energy)
  • Flux (Regen force but smaller meter)
  • Steadfast (Absorb one hit without interruption while sprinting)

How to get more perk slots

Zee sells both perks and perk slots for Datadiscs (Image credit: EA)

While I'm sure there are other methods, most likely certain Meditation Chambers, the quickest way to get new perk slots is to purchase them from Zee the droid with Datadiscs. You'll unlock her as a vendor once you return from the Forest Array and go to the fixed Mantis, when she'll take up a permanent place on the upper floor of Pyloon's Saloon. You can get Datadiscs in High Republic ruins, such as the Forest Array, in the Stone Spires, or on the Shattered Moon, and there's also usually one in each Meditation Chamber.

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