How to Find the Gorge's Secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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If you're trying to Find the Gorge's Secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you've likely worked your way to the Rambler's Reach outpost and learned about the rumor surrounding the mystery. There will be a marker on your map, but no obvious way to reach that location. As Koboh is vast, you might be left scratching your head.

Jedi: Survivor is full of puzzles to solve, especially when it comes to reaching hard-to-get-to places. Some aren't really puzzles at all, such as the Alignment Control Center, but that won't keep you from trying to figure out how it works. That said, if you want to Find the Gorge's Secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you need to think big. Here's what you need to know. 

Where to find the rumor 

Once you return to Rambler's Reach after progressing the story to the Forest Array and getting your nekko mount, you can talk to various NPCs around the outpost. If you speak to the prospector at the back of Pyloon's Saloon, you'll be put on the right path to Find the Gorge's Secret.

Check your map to see an addition: a large creature should be highlighted close to the Derelict Dam, and a rumour marker should be nearby, prompting you to Find the Gorge's Secret. Fast travel to the area by heading to the Derelict Dam meditation

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Winding Ravine location 

Look for the trontoshell nearby—it's hard to miss—then head towards it, jumping the gap and making your way across the oily pool to the other side. Once there, use mind control to get the trontoshell to drop its head and jump to the tusk with the climbable surface

After it's lifted you to another platform, jump off and head up the path to reach the Winding Ravine. Keep going, and you'll reach a point where the path branches to the left and right. If you'd rather just complete the rumor and aren't interested in collectibles, jump to the section below, otherwise read on for a Force essence.

Head left to cross a darkened chamber and look for the movable crate in the area to your left. Use the force to move the crate along the narrow passage to the right and up the slope so you can use it to climb up to the ledge. Once up there, wall run across to the other side to find yourself overlooking the area where you came from. There's another crate up here, so go ahead and push it off the edge. 

Jump back down and move the first crate back down the slope to create a bridge. Now force pull the second crate across and use it to reach the ledge above to grab the Force essence. Return to the point where the path split, but this time go right.

How to Find the Gorge's Secret 

Wall run across to the right, being careful of the gap in the middle, to land on a ledge. Continue wall running forward to grab a Priorite Shard before returning and taking the path that slopes upwards to the outside.

The next part can be quite tricky. Wall run using the pillars ahead, jumping between them, then use the Force to grab the rope at the end and swing to safety. You'll find a Gorocco here, which you'll need to defeat. Once it's dealt with, jump up onto the ledge where it was waiting and use the relter to glide across to the other side of the ravine. 

Now you can unlock a shortcut, then claim your Hunter lightsaber material as a reward from the chest ahead. This also completes the Find the Gorge's Secret rumor, so you can use the relter to your left to glide back to the Derelict Dam meditation. Well done. 

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