Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfit locations

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfit locations - Cal is standing in a desert-like area with machinery behind him
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You can find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfits littered across the entire game if you know where to look. Of course, you might want to prioritise finding more practical collectibles like Health Stims or perks before you turn your attention to Cal's appearance, but acquiring some cool clothes to jazz up your Jedi is also a worthwhile pursuit.

As well as complete outfits, you'll also find separate clothing items, such as jackets, shirts, and pants. There are also different materials to be found, which can then be applied to the different aspects of your wardrobe. If you really want to change Cal's appearance, you can also alter his hair and beard, but if you'd rather stick with clothes, here are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfits we've found so far, as well as how to equip them.

Dredger Gorge outfit locations

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Derelict Dam 

  • Tactical Jacket: After the Derelict Dam mediation and with the dam to your right, head forwards and left to find the roller mines spawn. Head past them and into the tunnel beyond to find a sliceable chest. You'll likely get this one when you first head through the area.

Rambler's Reach outfit locations

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Hunter's Quarry 

  • Hunter Jacket: From the Rambler's Reach meditation, head left up the vines and follow the trail up to the left. Before you reach the top, jump left up onto the outcrop of cliff to find a big monster and a chest with this inside.
  • Bomber Jacket: From Rambler's Reach meditation, head left up the vines, then follow the left trail to the far end of Hunter's Quarry where the Gorgers are. Follow them through the narrowing opening into their den to find the chest at the end.

Swindler's Wash 

  • Tactical Pants: From the Swindler's Wash meditation, head up the trail, and go left into a cave before coming out above by the chest.
  • Tactical Shirt: From the Swindler's Wash meditation, head across to the opposite side of the gorge where the big door leading to Basalt Forest is, then head in the opposite direction to find a chest on a ledge a little further on.

Rambler's Reach Outpost 

  • Tactical (material): On the roof of the building opposite Pyloon's Saloon.. Jump up by the house with all the robot eyes that come out of it.
  • Scrapper outfit: In the basement of Pyloon's Saloon, in the chest after you wake up.
  • Doma's Shop: You can get Corsair Jacket, Outrider Jacket, Frontier Jacket, Bandolier Jacket, Commander Shirt, Frontier Shirt, Outrider Shirt, Training Shirt, Frontier Pants, and Outrider Pants from her store after you rescue Zee in Rambler's Reach.

Fort Kah'lin 

  • Poncho outfit: Found in the chest after defeating Spawn of Oggdo boss in Fort Kah'lin on the upper levels. From the Fort Kah'lin meditation, jump up to the walkways with the droids straight ahead, and follow them around to find the training field with the droids where you drop in the boss arena.
  • Bomber Shirt: In Fort Kah'lin, inside a chest in the hangar behind the battledroid troop carrier.

Basalt Forest outfit locations

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Basalt Rift 

  • Hunter Shirt: From Basalt Rift meditation, jump across the gap to where the droids are fighting stormtroopers, then enter the cave and climb down vines to a chest concealed underneath the platform.
  • Hunter Pants: From the Basalt Rift mediation before you've unlocked the shortcut, keep heading through until you slide down the slope and find the Bilemaw, then kill it to get to the chest behind.

Bilemaw Den 

  • Tactical (material): From the Bilemaw Den meditation, find it in a chest behind the tents in the camp where the imperials are with the sleeping Bilemaw.

Forest Array 

  • Hunter (material): From the Forest Array meditation, head left towards the Koboh barrier, then grapple across the Koboh dust on the left to see a chest around the side of the building

Bygone Settlement 

  • Wanderer Jacket: From the Bygone Settlement meditation, wall run straight ahead to the grate, climb to the upper level, and use force to push the wall out. Run across that, and keep climbing until you reach the top level with a chest.

Ancient Ruins outfit locations

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Monastery Walls 

  • Wanderer Shirt: Head left from the Monastery Walls meditation, following the wall to the far left corner, then slide down the slope to the right and grapple onto the upper level of that room. Jump across the pillars to the far side where the chest is.

How to equip outfits

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If you want to switch out Cal's clothes, head to the Customization tab on the menu screen, then hit the space bar to see all the options. Scroll down the left-hand menu to find jackets, shirts, or pants. Once you've selected one, you can use A and D to scroll through the different ones, and the colour swatches below allow you to customise the clothing item further. Once you have your desired look, press space again to equip it. 

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