Palworld Type chart: How strengths and weaknesses work

Palworld Type chart - a character is standing in front of a waterfall with two Pals walking behind her
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The Type chart in Palworld is a flowchart that shows which elements—or Types—are weak or strong against others. This is particularly useful if you're planning your party and want to make sure you have the strongest team composition available.

As well as capturing Pals, you can hatch eggs to help fill out your roster. In fact, it's probably the safest bet until you get a more reliable party together or have acquired some of the best Pals to fill out your squad. For now though, here's the Palworld Type chart, and how that translates into element weaknesses and strengths. 

Palworld Type chart: How it works 

Each Pal has a Type and this helps determine what it's strong against, as well as its element weakness. This helps you to figure out which pals you want in your party so you can easily take down specific enemies. 

There are nine Types in Palworld, and these are: 

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electric
  • Ground
  • Grass
  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Neutral

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You can find the Type chart in the Survival Guide section of the menu—see the screenshot of it above—though it's a little difficult to read if you're not sure what you're looking at.  

Remember, Types are essentially the same as elements, so the chart shows which Types are strong against other Types, and by association, which ones they are weak to. The information contained in the Type chart is written out in the table below.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
TypeStrong againstWeak against
FireIce and GrassWater

As you can see, it makes sense to aim for at least one Pal of every Type, that way you should be prepared for anything an enemy throws your way. Of course, something like Neutral might be less desirable because, while it should do the same damage to every type as nothing is strong against it, nothing is weak against it either and it does have its own element weakness in the form of Dark.

Experiment with different party set-ups and Type combinations based on the information in the table above, and you should have a winning team—or teams—in no time.


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