The best ways to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

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If you've just started your adventures into Palworld, you're likely in need of Paldium Fragments. This early game material is used in just about everything you need to build up your base, and they're also a key component in crafting the gear you need to buff your character. 

It's not immediately obvious what the best way to get them is, however. Another great early game investment is capturing the best Pals for your base and combat. As you level up, you'll also be able to hatch Pal eggs so you can recruit even more cute creatures. Whatever stage you're at, here are the best ways to acquire Paldium Fragments. 

How to farm Paldium Fragments

The best way to farm Paldium Fragments is to build the Crusher and acquire a watering Pal to operate it, like Pengullet or Teafant. This machine converts stone directly into Paldium Fragments. If you also construct a Stone Pit and put a couple of Cattiva to work in it, you should have plenty to convert for all the Paldium you need.

If you're just starting out in Palworld and aren't equipped with a Crusher yet, here are the three early ways to acquire Paldium Fragments:

  • You can get them as a byproduct while mining stone with a pickaxe or if you have a Cattiva active in your base smashing up rocks.
  • The better way to mine them is to look for the blue sparkling rocks. These are Paldium deposits and mining them will get you far more than with stone.
  • You can also find Paldium Fragments lying around in the world, though that's not the most reliable or efficient source.

For those early in the game, your best bet is definitely crafting a pickaxe and mining those blue Paldium deposits. They're very easy to spot and will get you what you need without any fuss.


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