Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Bomber Crew

Steam Page
Released: October 12
Developer: Runner Duck
Publisher: Curve Digital
Price: $14.99 / £14.99

This is a strategy game about managing a World War II era Bomber. But as the video above will make abundantly clear, it’s not too hung up on “realism” or “authenticity”. Not only are you flying these old airborne weapons but you’ll also be managing every aspect of their operation, hence the name. Moment-to-moment play seems roughly split between the flight sim aspects and the strategic, team-management aspect, but you’ll also be running missions and, crucially, the game has permadeath, so if you lose a valuable crew member you’ll never get them back. The art style is appealing, the idea is unique, and it’s already amassed over 774 reviews with a Very Positive within three days of release.


Steam Page
Released: October 17
Developer: Blue Mammoth Games
Publisher: Blue Mammoth Games
Price: Free

After a period spent in Early Access, this free-to-play Smash Bros clone has officially launched. Which means, since it’s free, you hardly need my recommendation. But here are the bullet points anyway: ranked 1v1 and 2v2, as well as 4 player free-for-all, are all featured, plus 4v4 and assorted local multiplayer modes. If you’re unfamiliar with the Smash Bros MO, it’s a 2D platform fighter with a plethora of characters with different abilities and collectible power-ups. It’s the kind of game that thrives in a party environment but don’t under-estimate how deadly serious the competition can become. Oh, and it looks really nice as well. Did I mention it’s free?

Think of the Children

Steam Page
Released: October 20
Developer: Jammed Up Studios
Publisher: Surprise Attack
Price: $9.99 / £6.99

A neat local cooperative game about saving children from self-destruction. Basically, a family court is testing your parenting mettle with a handful of hypothetical, high-tension parenting sessions. These include “a birthday party at the park, a day at the zoo, a camping trip, an unexpected visit to the Australian Outback” and more. It kinda looks like Overcooked, except instead of cooking stuff you’re preventing little Sonny Jim from shoving his fist into a paper shredder. Looks riotous and fun, but as a father of two children I think I’d prefer to sleep. 

In The Shadows

Steam Page
Released: October 21
Developer: Colorspace Studio
Publisher: Colorspace Studio
Price: $15.99 / £11.99

It’s a puzzle platformer about fending off fears in the most practical way possible: by turning on a light. With light you’ll throw off “shadow creatures”, but it won’t always be a matter of flicking a switch – you’ll need to solve puzzles in order to create and manipulate it, if I’m understanding correctly. Meanwhile, shadow creatures drenched in light can turn into practical objects, like ladders, for instance. The art style is gorgeous and, while puzzle platformers are hardly rare, I really like the mood of this one.


Steam Page
Released: October 19
Developer: Crasleen Games
Publisher: Crasleen Games
Price: $19.99 / £15.49

If this week’s whimsy heavy list is bugging you out, Warbanners is a very serious turn-based tactical strategy game. Set across 42 story missions, you’ll manage “a squad of mercenaries” who you’ll micro-manage and kit out however you see fit. Interestingly, you’ll be able to manipulate the hexagonal-gridded battlefields, too: you can freeze rivers, dig trenches, and burn down forests. Woo. The objective of the game is “to earn a place among ancient legends” but for anyone keen on thoughtful strategy games this looks pretty good.

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