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The First Tree

Steam Page
Released: September 15
Developer: David Wehle
Publisher: David Wehle
Price: $7.99 / £5.59

Here it is: the third-person exploration game you’ve been waiting for starring a fox. The First Tree traces the journey of two foxes: one is searching for her missing family, the other is searching for his father. According to the Steam description, this game will appeal to folk who love Journey, Firewatch and Shelter, and a cursory glance at the above trailer only emphasises this affinity. While it’s mainly an exploration game, there are “light puzzle solving and platforming” elements. It’ll only take you less than two hours to complete, but the price is right. And it looks real nice.


Steam Page
Released: September 13
Developer: Bytesprite
Publisher: Bytesprite
Price: $9.99 / £6.99

Games with a focus on couch multiplayer are a hard sell because, well, you need to have friends (and I don’t). BrambleLash is the newest party-centric cooperative game, requiring dexterous collaboration to smite “slimey hordes”. Basically, you and a friend both control the end of the same tether, and must wipe out enemies with it. The video above does a better job conveying this than words can, and while it’s definitely designed to be played with friends, it is possible to play it alone. Looks like I have some friends to make.

Voxel Turf

Steam Page
Released: September 14
Developer: L Twigger
Publisher: L Twigger
Price: $7.99 / £5.59

It’s usually wise to avoid any new voxel-styled first-person game on Steam, but Voxel Turf looks like fun and has a decent . Aside from being able to destroy cities (do you need any other incentive), there are reportedly lots of more strategic options too. “Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. It’s your choice!” Indeed, it’s my choice. I might just blow up the city though, thanks. The game supports online multiplayer, with “most missions” playable in cooperative.


Steam Page
Released: September 15
Developer: Alexander Byzov
Publisher: Alexander Byzov
Price: $13.99 / £10.59

How will we tell when the world has ended? A week will pass without a new sci-fi topdown shooter releasing on Steam. That’s what Stellatum is, but it looks to have a fairly meaty RPG element as well, with plenty of opportunities to customise your ship across the game’s 80 missions. It supports online cooperative play for up to four people, so you can conquer outer space as an “extraterrestrial race” with a bunch of friends.

The Witch’s Isle

Steam Page
Released: September 15
Developer: COCOSOLA
Publisher: COCOSOLA
Price: $2.99 / £1.99

I really like the look of this: a “dream-like” point and click adventure set on a spooky island. Witches have started to harry the sole town on this island, with the protagonist put under a curse which she must lift before 4am, lest she die. The game has seven different islands, but its neatest touch is that you can have the camera follow NPCs rather than the protagonist. You’ll do this in aid of solving puzzles, but if you’re also a fan of AI spotting then have fun with it.

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