Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Death Coming

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Released: November 6
Developer: NEXT Studio
Publisher: NEXT Studio
Price: $6.99 / £4.99

This is a pixel-art “non-linear” puzzle game about killing people. More specifically, it’s a game about causing people to die, because you play as the grim reaper. It’s not as easy as it might be in, say, an FPS: because you’re a mere grim reaper and not, say, a lion, you need to create circumstances which will lead humans to “their grim fate”. You’ll need to use your (no doubt finely honed) observational skills and timing smarts to achieve this, by the look of it. Also, there are “Minions of Light” that are trying to stop you from hurting people. A pretty misanthropic game overall, saved by its whimsical veneer. Naturally enough, it’s already amassed a “very positive” rating on Steam.


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Released: November 9
Developer: Windybeard
Publisher: Windybeard
Price: $11.99 / £9.99

It’s a block-breaking game with action RPG systems, ie, number crunching, loot and lore. It’s hard to tell just how these elements interweave with a block-breaking game, but whatever the case, it’s set across 5 worlds with a total of 200 levels, and there are boss battles, lots of different weapons, skills, buffs… you name it. As for the lore, here’s what the developer writes. “The Dreamweavers of the floating Kingdom have been attacked by the Nightlings. Stripped of all inhabitants and buildings, only "Gentle Kenneth" remains. He requests your aid to head into the Outlands, rescue his fellow Dreamweavers and rebuild the Kingdom.”


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Released: November 8
Developer: Kokoromi
Publisher: Polytron
Price: $14.99 / £11.39

This VR puzzle game released for PS4 last year, but only arrived on Steam last week. It kinda looks like a twist 3D Tetris set in a suspended, retro-futuristic hell/dreamscape, though the studio describes it as flying “through endless waves of abstract geometry”. This artstyle tends to work really well in VR, and if you’re into puzzle games set in what looks like a nightclub in Tron, this looks a treat. HTC Vive exclusive, at this stage.


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Released: November 7
Developer: Fred Wood
Publisher: Fred Wood
Price: $4.99 / £3.59

It’s a “tough but fair” (ie, bloody hard) 2D platformer with a pixel-art aesthetic. You pretty much know already whether this is of interest to you or not – but it’s the sequel to Love, which released back in 2014 to generally favourable reviews. I love a good platformer with no “twists” or “novelties” but Kuso has at least one: you can set your own checkpoints. There’s also a dedicated speedrun mode, Steam leaderboards and probably a lot of frustration and elation. 

Turf Wars

Steam Page
Released: November 10
Developer: Red Line Games
Publisher: Red Line Games
Price: $9.99 / £7.19

This is a top-down local multiplayer game pitting up to four hardened criminals against one another... to the death. It’s not received much attention on Steam (it’s a slow week for indies during this blockbuster season) but it piqued my interest due to the art style alone. Of course, local multiplayer games are a hard sell if you haven't got many people around to play, but this could be worth checking out next time you do have a handful of people hankering to digitally decimate one another.

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