Logitech’s G Pro mouse with RGB lighting is on sale for $29

Do you need a new gaming mouse? Logitech's G Pro is on sale at Best Buy day for just $29.99, more than half off its $69.99 list price. The deep discount is what you might expect during a Black Friday sale, except it's just a regular Tuesday.

We reviewed this mouse a year and a half ago and came away with a generally positive impression. While somewhat plain looking, Wes noted that it's actually a high-end rodent.

"The Pro Gaming mouse's simple outward features make it feel like it should be a damn affordable gaming mouse, even though the internal components are top-notch. The spring-tensioning system, for instance, helps shave down the distance you have to press the mouse buttons to register a click, while also helping reduce the microscopic plastic wobble that happens when you let go of the button," Wes wrote.

He also pointed to the PMW-3366 sensor, the same Razer's DeathAdder is based on, which is currently a star in what we consider the best gaming mouse.

The G Pro is a wired mouse with a 12,000 dpi optical sensor. It also has six programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and a relatively lightweight design.

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Paul Lilly

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