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Finding the various GTA Online media sticks locations will be essential if you care about the sounds competing with your car's screeching tyres as you bomb around Los Santos. You're already spoiled for choice when it comes to radio stations in the game, but now you have the chance to collect even more tracks, without spending any of your hard-earned GTA Online money.

This is available right after you download the new GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, which also includes ten new cars—with seven more on the way—and the LS Car Meet, a virtual space in which we can get together, flaunt our favourite vehicles, and race. If you want to give that a go, here's where to find it in Cypress Flats.

But if you're keen to develop your in-game music library first, here's what you need to know about the GTA Online media player, and how to find four media sticks for it.

What is the GTA 5 media player?

You'll have access to the media player as soon as you log in after downloading the Tuners update. You can see it in your radio station wheel, but it'll be toggled off until you find your first stick. Here's the in-game message you get:

"Find and collect media sticks that contain music (EPs, mixtapes, live recordings & more) from locations around Los Santos. Collected sticks can be played on the Media Player and set via the inventory section of the Interaction Menu."

That said, if you're disappointed with just the four new bits of music from the game's new CircoLoco label, remember that you can play your own music in-game anyway with the Self Radio custom station—if you're playing on PC.

GTA Online media sticks locations

So far it looks like there are only four of this new type of collectable to find, which is certainly less than Rockstar's other fiendish scavenger hunts, like the broken radio antennas or movie props. You do get a t-shirt and an extra mix if you collect all four, at least: the CLR Launch Party mix. Helpfully, if you're using a controller, it pulses as you're approaching a media stick. If more are discovered, I'll update this page.

It's also worth mentioning that you don't need to own the Arcade and Nightclub businesses to get all four sticks, although you'll likely have the latter already as you'll have needed it to take part in the casino heist. That's because you can just visit a friend's Arcade and Nightclub.

So, here are the four GTA media stick locations we know about so far (with images for each above):

  • Nightclub desk: For the first GTA 5 media stick, head to your nightclub's office to find the Violet EP.
  • Arcade bar: Next, stroll over to your arcade. At the bar you can pick up the next stick: the Green EP.
  • Casino roof: For the third stick, take a trip to the casino. On the roof, by the jacuzzi, you'll find the Blue EP.
  • LS Car Meet mod shop: If you checked out the player-generated car showroom first, you don't need to travel far for this stick: The Black EP next to the mod shop in the LS Car Meet.

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