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Ready to join the hunt for the ten GTA Solomon movie props? If you've encountered the new mission as part of the new summer update to Rockstar's ridiculous open world, you'll know you have a new set of collectibles to hunt down. Just as we pored over the map to find the GTA Signal Jammers and GTA Action Figures, now we've got to keep our eyes peeled as we search for the movie producer's stolen props.

This mission cropped up during this year's GTA Online summer update, along with some co-op missions that launch from the Galaxy Super Yachts and fancy new vehicles that'll look exquisite as you take part in fresh races under the hot Los Santos sun.

But before you mess around with all that, it's time to return some pilfered props. When you visit Solomon's office in Vinewood after installing the update, you'll find it being investigated by the police following a burglary, and you've been tasked with finding the missing items. So, here's where to find GTA Online Solomon collectibles so you can get the Space Interloper outfit and GTA$150,000.

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How to find all GTA Online Solomon movie props

To start the mission, head to the big 'S' marker that will have just appeared on your map over Solomon's office in the Sam Austin Memorial Building, Backlot City, after you've installed the update. Out of the ten total movie props, seven of them have guaranteed spawns, but the other three seem to be found in vans in variable locations—look for them in an invite-only session. You'll know once you're close to the relevant vehicle as a 'Stranger' marker appears on your mini map. 

Once you've picked one up, simply return or drive it back to Solomon at his office. You can take on as many non-vehicle movie props as you can carry, just make sure you hand in what you've got before your end your session.

With that in mind, the GTA movie props locations are:

Fixed spawns

  • On the desk in the back office of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club
  • Left of Solomon's office as you leave by a bin
  • Zancudo Control tower, in ground-floor office
  • On the highest rock in the alien camp
  • On a table in the porch of an old house
  • In the bathrooms to the east of the Diamond Casino
  • House behind cheapest clubhouse

Vehicle spawns

  • Rumpo Van: Outside Lester’s garment factory, Darnell Bros / in Simmett Alley / driving west over San Andreas Avenue Bridge in La Mesa
  • Pony Van: In Kortz Center parking lot / parked east of the Epsilon Center / heading north on Tongva Drive, past the ULSA campus
  • Rebel Pickup: In alley behind Paleto Bay's The Hen House bar / Willie's Supermarket parking lot / Heading east on Great Ocean Highway, near the Procopio Truck Stop

If you need more help getting your alien outfit and stacks of cash, check out GTA Series' video guide below.

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