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GTA antenna locations still slipping
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Wondering how to complete the GTA Online Still Slipping quest? The new collectable mission was added with the update that introduced the Cayo Perico Heist on December 15. But if you don't feel quite up to the task of breaching Cayo Perico quite yet—not to mention fronting the GTA Online Kosatka submarine cost—Still Slipping is certainly easier on the bank balance.

If you're not quite sure where to start to begin this quest, or if you're already on it but are having trouble finding the radio antennas, read on to discover all GTA antenna locations.

GTA antenna locations: How to complete the Still Slipping Los Santos mission

You should be able to start this mission by heading to an area northeast of Mirror Park. Open your map and locate the J icon to pinpoint the exact location. Once there, you'll be able to accept the mission which tasks you with locating and fixing broken radio antennas.

There appears to be ten radio antennas to locate and I've listed their locations below:

  • You'll find the first broken radio antenna in Paleto Bay on the roof of a building towards the south-western corner.
  • The second antenna is found on at the tram station (metal platform) on Mount Chiliad.
  • The third antenna can be found at the Rebel Station in Grand Senora Desert.
  • The fourth antenna is located on the roof of the Kortz building in Pacific Bluffs.
  • You'll find the fifth antenna at the bottom of one of the communication towers in Vinewood Hills.
  • The sixth antenna can be found next to Trevor's trailer In Sandy Shores.
  • The seventh antenna is located on the roof of the mall in Burton.
  • The eighth antenna is found on the roof of the building that overlooks the workout station at Vespucci Beach.
  • The ninth antenna is located on the roof of a building in the centre of Cypress Flats.
  • The tenth antenna is found near the San Chianski Mountain Range, located inside a fenced-off area.

If you're looking for a visual guide, here's one courtesy of GTA Series.

Well done, you've completed the Still Slipping Los Santos mission. Now you can enjoy listening to the new radio station 'Still Slipping Los Santos' along with some new promo merch, GTA$250k, and 10kRP.


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