How to find Cypress Flats in GTA Online

GTA Cypress Flats
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Looking for Cypress Flats in GTA Online? The GTA Los Santos Tuners update is finally here and adds new races and plenty of new cars to get revved up about. And if you're keen to jump into the new activities, you're likely looking for the new social space in Cypress Flats.

The LS Car Meet is the biggest feature that's been added with the update so you'll want to get over there as soon as you can. Of course, as it's an underground car meet, you'll need to find it first, and that's where this guide comes in. Here's how to find GTA Cypress Flats in Los Santos.

Where is Cypress Flats in GTA V? 

Cypress Flats is a big industrial estate found in East Los Santos, though if you're looking at a map of the area, it's in the southeast corner. It's located to the south of La Mesa and north of Terminal. You should receive a text message from the LS Car Meet after logging in, and there should be an icon on your map to show you the location—check the screenshots above if you're unsure.

To find the LS Car Meet, you'll need to look out for a large warehouse with blue graffiti on the door. You'll know you're in the right place as a cutscene will play out. Once that's over, meet up with Mimi inside to get an introduction to the races and other features available within the new social space.


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