How to complete Genshin Impact's Tianqui Treasure Trail quest

genshin impact tianqui treasure trail
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Genshin Impact's Tianqui Treasure Trail quest is available once you've reached Adventure Rank 31 in Genshin Impact. As part of the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, you begin the quest by speaking to Lan in Liyue. As the name suggests, it's all about following a path to a valuable prize. There's no real mystery here though, as the locations of the treasure appear on your map as the quest starts.

The difficulty with this quest isn't so much finding the treasures as it is avoiding a particularly irritating glitch. Luckily, I know what causes the bug, and in this guide I'll show you how to avoid it and claim the Genshin Impact Parametric Transformer as a reward.

How to complete Genshin Impact Tianqui Treasure Trail

After speaking to Lan in Liyue, you'll be directed to a waypoint. There are some monsters here in need of slaying, but at AR 31, they shouldn't cause many issues. You'll then get a treasure map, which tells you to head to Dunyu Ruins.

Here, you'll find some scrolls and books, and a Strange Note. This then gives you three new waypoints on the map, so head to each of these in any order you want. At each one, you'll get the option to dig. You'll dig up an Exquisite Chest, and once you've opened all three, head back to Lan to finish the quest.

How to fix the Tianqui Treasure Trail bug

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The bug in Tianqui Treasure Trial is caused by digging up one of these Exquisite Chests with a co-op player in your world. The rest of the quest can be completed with another player, but not the digging. In co-op, these quests can be dug up, but will not include the right treasures. This then stops you from progressing.

Avoiding the bug is pretty easy: just don't dig while in co-op. Fixing it is a different story though. Currently, if you've dug up one of the chests while in co-op and found yourself stuck, the only solution right now is to wait for it to be patched.

Genshin Impact Parametric Transformer: how it works

Once you've finished the quick treasure hunt you'll receive a new gadget, the Parametric Transformer. With it, you can turn any items you like into a new set of goodies. You can only use it once every seven days and there's no way currently of knowing what'll come out the other end, but it's a fun way of using excess resources you have lying around.