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The best builds for Xinyan in Genshin Impact

best genshin impact xinyan build
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Want to know how to get Xinyan in Genshin Impact? You know how we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars? Well, thanks to Xinyan, we can. One of two new characters to arrive in Genshin Impact’s latest banner—alongside Geo fighter, Zhongli—is the Pyro-infused rocker Xinyan.

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According to the game’s lore, Chuck Berry must be from Fontaine, because that’s where rock ‘n’ roll music came from. Xinyan, a la Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future, is responsible for bringing this strange new sound to Liyue. She’s not just a musician though: She made her guitar herself, out of an axe (get it?), and can do some real damage in battle. So, I'm here to help with a great Genshin Impact Xinyan build selection.

How to get Xinyan in Genshin Impact

Xinyan is part of the limited-time Gentry Of Heritage banner, as a four-star character alongside already introduced four-star characters Razor and Chongyun. The headliner of this banner is Zhongli, and the real answer of ‘how do you get Xinyan in Genshin Impact’ is ‘by trying to get Zhongli’.

As a four-star character, Xinyan has a drop rate of 3.3%, as do Razor and Chongyun in Gentry Of Heritage. You’ll have to get lucky (or snag a Pity Pull) for Zhongli, but Xinyan is a realistic get for most players.

Genshin Impact Xinyan overview

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Xinyan is a DPS, Pyro, Claymore fighter, making her a Diluc with slightly worse stats. Thankfully, you’ve got a much better chance at pulling her, so if you’re looking for an alternative to the red-headed winery boss, let Xinyan take center stage.

As with all four-star characters, she’s not an ideal pick for any team, but she does look set to fill a considerable gap in the roster. We have two great Pyro DPS fighters in Diluc and Klee, but as five-stars, both are rare. After that, we have Xiangling, who’s best suited to Support, and Amber, who’s best suited to… well, nothing. Xinyan is more readily available than Diluc and Klee, and more suited to dealing a lot of damage quickly than Xiangling, so can be an effective member of the right party.

Normal attack:  Dance On Fire

  • Normal Attack: Xinyan performs four quick strikes with her Claymore.
  • Charged Attack: Xinyan spins around consecutively, draining Stamina. At the end of the spin, Xinyan performs a powerful slash.
  • Plunging Attack: Xinyan slams down, causing AoE damage as she lands.

Elemental Skill: Sweeping Fervor

Xinyan whips out her guitar, dealing Pyro damage and forming a shield made out of screaming fans. The shield’s absorption is more effective as Xinyan’s defence increases and as she hits more enemies. The maximum boost for hitting enemies is three, which will increase her Pyro damage too. The shield is 250 percent effective against Pyro, and leaves Xinyan infused with Pyro as it ends.

Elemental Burst: Riff Revolution

Xinyan strums her guitar and jumps at nearby enemies, dealing physical damage. As she jumps around, she will deal Pyro damage. 


  • “The Show Goes On, Even Without An Audience…”: Decreases the amount of enemies Sweeping Fervor must hit to reach max level by one.
  • “...Now That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll!”: Characters guarded by Sweeping Fervor deal 15 percent extra physical damage.
  • A Rad Recipe: Xinyan has a 12 percent to double up when perfect cooking a DEF boosting dish.


  • Fatal Acceleration: After a Critical Hit, Xinyan’s Normal and Charged Attack Speed is boosted by 12 percent for five seconds. Can only happen once every five seconds.
  • Impromptu Opening: Riff Revolution’s Physical Damage has a 100 percent critical hit rate boost, and will begin with maximum boost.
  • Double Stop: Sweeping Fervor’s level is increased by three.
  • Wildfire Rhythm: Sweeping Fervor reduces enemies’ Physical Resistance by 15 percent for 12 seconds.
  • Screaming For Encore: Riff Revolution’s level is increased by three.
  • Rocking In Flaming: Decreases Xinyan’s stamina consumption on Dance On Fire’s charged attack, and gives it an Attack bonus equal to 50 percent of her Defense stat.

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Genshin Impact Xinyan build: Example set ups

Xinyan is a DPS fighter, and is not as malleable as some others, meaning she doesn’t really suit a Support role, or a Tank role, or… anything other than DPS. For that reason, her suggested builds here are split by rarity rather than type.

4 star

Obviously, the 5-star weapons in the game are better than the 4-star weapons, but since Xinyan is basically being pitched as Diluc-lite, it’s likely that a lot of people with her are closer to the free-to-play type than the whales. With that in mind, only suggesting the rarest weapons seems daft.

Prototype Aminus - Crush: On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50 percent chance to deal an additional 300 percent attack damage to enemies within a small AoE. Can only occur once every 15 seconds.

5 star

If you are lucky enough - or have pumped enough money in - to have some 5-star Claymores, you can make Xinyan almost as good as Diluc.

Wolf’s Gravestone - Wolfish Tracker: Increases attack by 20 percent. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30 percent HP increase all party members’ attack by 40 percent for 12 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.


  • Crimson Witch Of Flames Set: 2 parts: 15 percent extra Pyro damage. 4 parts: 40 percent extra Overload and Melting damage. Effects caused by Vaporize and Melt have an extra 15 percent effect. For ten seconds after using Elemental Burst, your 2 parts set bonus has a 50 percent boost, for a maximum of three times.
  • Gladiator’s Finale Set: 2 parts: 18 percent extra attack damage. 4 parts: 35 percent extra attack damage for Claymore attacks.

Essentially, Crimson Witch Of Flames makes Xinyan a better Pyro fighter, while Gladiator’s Finale makes her better in regular combat. Crimson Witch is the better option, but is also harder to get, so Gladiator’s Finale is a good alternate.