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On the hunt for a good Klee build? Though she's been gone for a long while, the little red explosives expert is back for a rerun in Genshin Impact 2.8, and it's long overdue, to be honest. Klee may have been outshone by some of the more recent and powerful Genshin character additions, but she's still pretty unique.

For those that enjoy Klee's playstyle of hurling bombs at unsuspecting foes, or creating clusterbomb tornadoes with a little help from Venti, she's an extremely fun addition to any party. She's a lot more straightforward than a lot of the newer characters, too: throw bomb at enemy, enemy go boom.

In this Genshin Impact Klee build guide, I'll talk through a couple of great setups for if you manage to grab her when the rerun banner drops, as well as what materials you'll need for ascension. Incidentally, with Sumeru on the horizon, you might also be curious about the new characters, Collei, Tighnari, and Dori.


The best Genshin Impact Klee build

Klee is at her best as a DPS hero, blowing stuff up and using her innate ability as a Pyro catalyst user to cause powerful elemental reactions. Any decent build will either take this into account, or her powerful charged attacks.

Pyro DPS

  • Weapon: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

This five-star catalyst is a good pick for Klee, since it gives her an elemental damage bonus of eight percent for every four seconds she's in combat, stacking up to a whopping 32 percent. It also increases her movement speed by 10 percent, and you know how much Klee loves to run. It boosts crit rate as a substat as well.

A good four-star alternative is Solar Pearl since it also boosts crit rate, and buffs elemental burst and skill damage by 20 percent for six seconds when you land a normal attack, and normal attack damage by 20 percent when you land a skill or burst. This feeds into her playstyle pretty well.

  • Artifact: (4) Crimson Witch of Flames

As always, Crimson Witch of Flames is the straighforward pick for Pyro damage-dealers. A two-piece set grants a 15 percent Pyro damage bonus, while four-pieces increases Overloaded and Burning damage by 40 percent, and Vaporise and Melt damage by 15 percent. When you use an elemental skill, that two-piece 15 percent bonus is boost by 50 percent for ten seconds. 

As a catalyst-user who exclusively deals Pyro damage, this all boosts Klee's damage capability across the board, and strengthens her ability to activate powerful elemental reactions. For stats, you'll want attack, crit rate, crit damage, and energy recharge. An artifact with a Pyro damage bonus substat also wouldn't go amiss.

Charge Attack DPS

  • Weapon: Dodoco Tales

If you were lucky enough to grab Dodoco Tales during the Midsummer Island Adventure event, it's a perfect pick for a charged attack DPS Klee. When you land a normal attack, it increases charged attack damage by 16 percent for six seconds. When you land a charged attack, it increases attack by eight percent for a further six seconds. This allows both attack types to feed into each other, creating a cycle of buffs.

  • Artifact: (4) Wanderer's Troupe or (4) Crimson Witch of Flames

A four-piece set of Wanderer's Troupe increases elemental mastery by 80, which strengthens Klee's innate ability to cause Pyro reactions, but also increases her charged attack damage by 35 percent. 

If you're looking for an alternative, then you could also just go with four pieces of Crimson Witch of Flames, since that strengthens Pyro reactions and and Pyro damage by 15 percent. For stats, you'll want the same as with the build above: attack, crit rate, crit damage, energy recharge, and an artifact with a Pyro damage bonus substat.

How to unlock

How to get Klee in Genshin Impact 

Klee is available on one of the first banners for Genshin Impact 2.8, launching on July 13. Her banner will feature alongside Kazuha, and the new four-star character, Heizou will have boosted rates for both of them. Klee will only be around for three weeks, and then it's likely she'll be gone for at least another year, if not longer, so grab her while you can if you want her in your party.


Klee's abilities

Here are Klee's abilities, passives, and Constellations:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Normal attack: Kaboom!
Normal Attack:Klee performs three quick ranged attacks, dealing AoE Pyro damage.
Charged Attack:Klee's projectile deals larger AoE Pyro damage.
Plunging Attack:Klee's explosion deals larger AoE Pyro damage.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Elemental Skill
Jumpy DumptyKlee throws a fireball (named Jumpy Dumpty), which bounces three times, causing AoE Pyro damage with each bounce. On the final bounce, it leaves Pyro mines on the battlefield. It has two charges.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Elemental Burst
Sparks ‘n' SplashThis fiery attack deals prolonged AoE Pyro damage to all enemies near Klee.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Pounding Surprise:Klee has a 50% chance to gain an Explosive Spark with every successful Normal Attack, which supercharges her Charged Attack, dealing 50% more damage and costing no Stamina.
Sparkling Burst:If Klee's Charged Attack gets a Crit hit, all party members gain 2 Elemental Energy.
All Of My Treasures!:All Mondstadt specialties are displayed on the mini-map while Klee is present.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Chained Reactions:Attacks and Skills can summon sparks, which deal 120% of Sparks ‘n' Splash's damage level.
Explosive Frags:Enemies who trod on Jumpy Dumpty's mines have 23% lower Defence for 10 seconds.
Exquisite Compound:Jumpy Dumpty's level increases by 3.
Sparkly Explosion:If Klee exits the battle during Sparks ‘n' Splash, it triggers an explosion worth 555% of her Attack stat as AoE Pyro damage.
Nova Burst:Sparks ‘n' Splash's level increases by 3.
Blazing Delight:During Sparks ‘n' Splash, other party members regenerate Energy and gain a 10% Pyro Damage bonus for 25 seconds.

Ascension materials

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Klee Ascension materials


In order to level Klee you're going to need Agnidus Agate and Everflame Seeds, which you can get from the Pyro Regisvine boss. There are also two world materials you're going to have to collect:

  • Philanemo Mushrooms
  • Divining Scrolls

Philanemo Mushrooms are the weird looking fungi that grow on the sides of houses in Mondstadt, Dawn Winery, and Springvale, while Divining Scrolls, and their other variants, are dropped by Samachurls of different world levels.


Here's what you're going to need to ascend Klee's talents:

  • Teachings of Freedom
  • Divining Scrolls
  • Ring of Boreas
  • Crown of Insight

Teachings of Freedom are a reward from the Forsaken Rift on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. As mentioned, Divining Scrolls and their upgraded versions comes from Samachurls of varying world levels. The Ring of Boreas comes from the Lupus Boreas boss fight on level 70+. 

Finally, the Crown of Insight is earned through certain seasonal events, by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine, the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma, or the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget in The Chasm.


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