Where to find Padisarah flowers in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Padisarah locations - Venti standing by some Padisarahs
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The Genshin Impact Padisarah is one of the regional specialities that's unique to Sumeru. Although it wasn't really used for much before, you'll need it if you're looking to ascend the new Hydro character, Nilou. These special flowers are a little harder to procure than the Kalpalata Lotus and the Rukkhashava Mushrooms you had to gather for Collei and Dori. If anything, they're more like those troublesome scarabs you have to scour the desert for in order to ascend Candace

Here, I'll explain the best places to find Padisarah flowers in Sumeru, as well as what world quests you'll have to complete in order to unlock the village of Vanarana so you can actually get to most of them.

Genshin Impact Padisarah locations: How to get them 

The best places to get Padisarah flowers in Genshin Impact are Vanarana, the Palace of Alcazazaray, and Pardis Dhyai. The only difficulty is that to get the Padisarahs in Vanarana, you have to transition into the Real World. You do this by playing your Vintage Lyre at the stone in the village, once you unlock the Rhythm of the Great Dream in the World of the Aranara quest. You basically get to this by following Rana's Woodland Encounter quest when you meet her on the road to Sumeru City.

You can see every Padisarah location on the official Genshin Impact interactive map. There are 68 overall, meaning you'll need to complete around two and a half farms in order to get the 168 to level Nilou fully. Also remember that regional specialities take 48 hours to respawn. If you have Tighnari, he can be pretty useful for this farm, since his passive Encyclopedic Knowledge skill displays regional Sumeru specialities on the minimap when you're near to them. If you're looking for a specific time-efficient farming route through Vanarana, this one from KyoStinV is pretty speedy: 

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