Where to find scarabs in Genshin Impact 3.1

Genshin Impact scarab with Klee standing next to it
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Finding every scarab location in the new Genshin Impact 3.1 desert region can be a challenge, but these wandering beetles are a vital material in ascending the new five-star Electro character, Cyno. It's very hard to actually use a Genshin character without levelling them first, especially if you have a high world level, and don't want them fainting from a single attack every time you get in a fight. 

Sadly, no sneaky scarab farms were possible before the release of version 3.1, since both the desert region and the material weren't introduced. Here, I'll explain the best place to find scarabs in Genshin Impact, as well as some handy farming tips about how to spot them.

Genshin Impact scarab locations: Where to find them 

Most of the scarabs are located around the pyramid (Image credit: miHoYo interactive map)

Though the scarabs are located all across the desert region, you can find the highest density of them for farming in the western section of Sumeru map, around the Mausoleum of King Deshret in the Hypostyle Desert. If anything, the pyramid serves as a handy farming route, since you can circle around it, picking up scarabs as you go. As ever, the official Genshin Impact interactive map already has a handy list of every scarab location in the desert.

Be aware that they are quite hard to spot at times, especially with all the tumbleweeds rolling around. When you get close to one it'll emerge from the sand and start rolling in a ball, so don't run through too fast or you might miss them. If you're not too bothered about being optimal and want to see the sights, a decent farming route is heading to the statue of the seven in the Hypostyle Desert, then travelling west and circling around the pyramid before finishing at the Sobek Oasis. Of course, there are far more optimal farming routes like this one from KyoStinV if you want to spend a minimum amount of time grabbing them: 

There are 76 scarabs overall, and considering you'll need 168 scarabs to ascend Cyno, that's around three big farms. In Genshin Impact, local specialities take 48 hours to re-appear, meaning you'll have to wait between each farm if you want to ascend Cyno to his maximum level. Unlike the Sakura Blooms in Inazuma, there's no fancy stuff you have to do to grab them, just make sure you don't attack the beetles, as they'll burrow into the ground and disappear if you do.

It's also worth being aware that since the mausoleum has underground areas, some of the scarabs shown on the map may be in lower levels. If you get near to their location and they don't emerge from the sand, chances are they are underground.

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