How to earn seasonal candles in Sky: Children of the Light

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As with most MMOs, Sky: Children of the Light has several different currency systems to keep track of and one of the most sought after are the orange seasonal candles. For each new themed season of Sky, you'll collect candles with a matching symbol and use them to buy cosmetics and emotes from the season's spirit.

Seasonal candles aren't difficult to collect, but unlike normal candles, there is a pretty small daily cap on the number you can earn. While there's an active season going, there's definitely an incentive to play every day so you can save up for some fashionable rewards.

Where to find seasonal candles 

During an active season of Sky, you can earn a total of five seasonal candles each day for free, though you can get more from the paid season pass. 

Here's every way to earn seasonal candles in Sky :

  • Light four bunches of orange candles (earns one total season candle daily)
  • Complete all four daily quests (one candle per quest, four total daily)
  • Purchase the season pass (30 immediate candles, one free daily candle)

The location of the seasonal candle bunches changes each day. They should be located in the Sky realm that's related to the current daily quests. The seasonal spirit will be standing beside that gate in the Home area and Aviary Village each day as well. Two bunches of candles will be located in the lobby area of the realm and two will be somewhere in the first zone of the realm.

To access daily quests, interact with the small statue in your Home area in between the realm gates. These quests will typically ask you to revisit a particular spirit or visit a point of interest. To receive your candles, return Home and interact with the statue.

How to use seasonal candles 

To spend your season candles, talk to the current season's spirit. You can fast travel to their location in the world by speaking to them in the Home area and choosing to travel. Like other spirits, seasonal spirits have a tree of increasingly expensive rewards that you can purchase with your season candles. About half of the rewards can be earned for free, but the ultimate reward, and a specific branch of the tree, is reserved for those who've bought the season pass. If you have seasonal candles left over after the event ends, they will be converted to normal candles.

Make sure to buy the rewards you're eyeing while the season is live. Ultimate rewards are only available while the season is active and are gone forever thereafter. All other rewards in the tree can only be bought if the spirit returns as a Traveling Spirit to the Aviary Village, though only one spirit returns every two weeks so it's hard to know when your favorite will make a comeback.

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