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Where to find the garish steel bridges in Fortnite

fortnite steel bridges
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where are the Fortnite steel bridges? These brightly-coloured landmarks are not only places with which you can easily avoid falling in the drink and access new areas away from the storm, they are aesthetic pieces, too. These metal traversal points come in a range of colours, which is pretty fitting with Fortnite's Pixar-esque aesthetic in mind.

They certainly make Death Stranding's bridges look dull by comparison, but where do you find the yellow, green, and red steel bridge in Fortnite? The vibrant designs of these bridges make most of them clear to see from the Battle Bus, but I've provided each location below so you're not hovering around the map like a lost skydiver. So without further ado, here are the Fortnite steel bridges on which you can get dancin'.

Fortnite green steel bridge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The green steel bridge in Fortnite can easily blend in with the game's lush, verdant world. Its shade is a touch muted, so it doesn't exactly distinguish itself visually. Anyway, you can find it southeast of Frenzy Farm. There is a bridge immediately south of this arid area, but you're looking for the next bridge along.

Fortnite red steel bridge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The red bridge connects Pleasant Park and Salty Springs. There's only one major bridge in this area, so you can't really miss this rouge infrastructural beauty. If you're from heading to it from the south, just follow the main road along that cuts through Salty.

Fortnite yellow steel bridge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Finally, we have the Fortnite yellow steel bridge. I imagine you're almost worn out after all that dancing, so let's get this one over with so you can get back to the much more relaxing loop of being last player standing. This bridge is all the way over to the southeast corner of the map, near the game's snow-tipped mountains. This bridge is found between the largest mountain and Misty Meadows, immediately south of Lazy Lake.

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